Sunday, March 04, 2007

The vacation is over but what a vacation it was!

I am going to post photos and summaries over the next couple of days from our trip to the States or "America" as Egyptians call it. I thought I would start with the photo of my friend Karen who drove down to meet us for lunch during our last week in the States.

Karen and I first became friends when Hassan and I bought our house in Southern Maryland. We lived in a quiet country community surrounded by farms. Karen was expecting at the time. Karen taught me how to quilt. I watched her quilt for two years before I got enough courage to make my first quilt -- for Mira of course. Karen made two beautiful quilts for us: one for me and one for Hassan. Quilts we brought with us and use all the time here in Cairo. American quilts are perfect for Egyptian weather; warm enough without the bulkiness to store.

When Karen and I went out it was as though we spoke everyday and saw eachother often. I love having her as a friend; she has been with me through it all.

Karen gave me a limitless supply of scrapbooking things to keep me busy. Now I have no excuse. Also, Karen gave me some beautiful quilt fabric -- in blue and white of course (my favorite color is blue). She also gave me her unending friendship, something I will always treasure.

Thank you Karen! I love you.




Karen said...

You'll make me cry! I love you too, and Mira and Hassan... Ang's pet scan came back CLEAN! YEA!! Anyway, I was extremely glad to see you and Mira... and it was worth the I hope the trip home was good, and I will text you soon! xoxoxoxooxooxKaren

Marian said...

Karen, you are too funny! Great news about Ang's pet scan. OMG the ticket. How could I ever forget?! love, Marian