Monday, April 21, 2008

Catching Up on Life

Because it's been quite awhile since my last post I thought I would spend this post just writing about a little bit of everything.

1. The Democratic Nominee in the US Presidential Campaign has not yet been decided. I keep asking myself when it will all be over.... well tomorrow, the Pennsylvania primary will take place so one way or another it will all be come to a close. I just want the democrats to know that as they fight with each other John McCain is gaining ground against both of them.

2. My friend Layla moved to the US two years ago now (?) to give birth to her beautiful son. I am happy that life is getting better for Layla. No more to be said.

3. Hassan was here for 2 1/2 weeks and brought me a laptop. I didn't ask for it and honestly didn't know if I wanted one, but now that I have it I absolutely love it. So if I hit the wrong key just know I'm still getting used to the new keypad. I get frustrated because it is very sensitive but there is no way I will ever return it.

4. Layla recently wrote in her blog that she is addicted to myspace. I will not even venture into myspace because I am completely addicted to facebook. It's terrible. I play games, chat, send all sorts of things to friends and all that good stuff. But the best part of being on facebook now is that I am getting to know the many women with whom I became friends when I was in the planning stages of moving to Egypt. They are absolutely wonderful.

5. I finally got bafta (fiber) for quilting so I have no more excuses in terms of not finishing the quilts I started 1 1/2 years ago. The downside of the bafta (fiber or batting) is that it is sold by the roll and not the meter. So I have 8 meters of it sitting in my flat.

6. Lisa has been very patient while Hassan was here. Thanks Lisa.

7. If you are in the US reading this, please look beyond the US media to get your news. So much is going on around the world that the US media does not report. It is important to form your own opinions -- don't let the US media feed you what THEY want U to know. Finding a variety of news sources on the internet from all different perspectives is a good thing.