Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Days and Summer Nights

Life in Alexandria, Egypt is much different than Cairo life.  The people are different, the food flavors are different, the weather is different.  Because of the way the streets are laid out in Alexandria, you can be at the sea within a matter of minutes depending upon traffic of course.

We have been spending most of our summer in Alexandria.  The cool weather is relative to Cairo because while Alexandria is cooler, it is very humid compared to Cairo which is stinking hot without any humidity.  In any event, most people stay up all night and sleep the heat of the day away until late afternoon arrives only to repeat the night before and so on and so on.....I have never been able to adapt to this summer schedule and will not even try to keep up at this point. 

I have been overdosing on fresh figs from the North Coast while Mira has been overdosing on the 57 varieties of mangoes.  

We managed to spend one day downtown with Hassan's family.  We started the day at 3 p.m. by having "breakfast" consisting of fuul and tama3a (falafel) followed by Brazilian coffee, and winding up with a late night dinner of kebab.  It was too much even though I didn't eat much. 

We left Alexandria and came back to Cairo two days ago because it was just too humid for us in Alex.  We need our air conditioner "fix" until we can go back and get the a/c installed in our flat. Hopefully, we will be able to cool off.