Monday, March 05, 2007

The kittens are here

Our cat had kittens while we were in the US. I thought we had a kitten, but apparently she was old enough to have kittens. Surprise, surprise! We have 4 white kittens and 1 black kitten -- all Persians. They are adorable to watch.




Karen said...

Snow again!!! That groundhog lied, I tell you, he LIED!!!! Anyway, the kittens are adorable... I am scrapping today, since no school again.. we are getting up to 5 inches I think.... ugh! xoxo karen

Marian said...

Karen - My deepest sympathy while you shovel your way out of the snow. I am sorry to tell you but it is beautiful here! I just noticed how the butterfly bushes are blooming NOW!! Can you believe it? My sense of timing and gardening is really screwed up. Just ask my dead gardenias from last year. Love. . .