Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Is it May 11th Already?

Well we've been here for a month and are still awaiting our shipment of "stuff." It ought to be here on May 15. Knowing Egyptian time, it will be the 20th.

Mira's finishing school here - 1st primary - 1st grade. We took her to a new school yesterday to show her around and it seems like a much better place than where she is right now. Apparently this school where she's at, Futures, is turning in to a Government school - more of a public school than private although it's still considered private. It gets us to thinking about school vouchers in the US and what would happen to the public sector if vouchers are available. I wish the US Governemnt would admit that other governmental education systems push their children at least one year ahead of their American counterparts so that by the time they graduate they are better prepared for the working world. Enough whining from parents to give "Susie or Billy" too much homework on the weekends to interfere with soccer. Quit the whining and realize your kids are a few steps behind the rest of the world in childhood education which translates into competetiveness in the job market after college.

We go swimming at our club almost everyday although I'm the only woman in the pool. I do like going to a pool that is more secluded than the pool with all the people sitting on the side. There were a few topless sunbathers here last weekend. Either women are completely covered or topless. Hmm, what's going on? A class of worlds I suppose. I will go swimming more when the women/children days start in June. I can't wait, but this means that Hassan, Mira and I can't swim together.

We plan on going to Alexandria for the summer. At least a month somewhere along the coast. We want to be in Alexandria, as we want to be able to walk around.



Wednesday, May 04, 2005

May 4

This is the first time we've been able to sit at the computer since the last post at the end of April. We anticipate receiving our computer around May 15. I don't know if I can wait 10 more days for our "stuff."

The weather is pretty nice here -- though the sun is really hot. I don't miss the humidity or pollen of Maryland that's for sure -- but I miss the greenery.

We bought a sofa and two chairs to make the place seem more like home. It's really nice. I need to be more patient though, I want everything and I want it right now. We bought a new car - a Hyundai Matrix - I call it "yabba dabba doo!" It's a rounded out version of Fred Flintstone's vehicle, minus the feet brakes. No, really it's a nice car. I'm afraid to drive because there are too many cars around me -- yeah sure it's all the other drivers in Cairo - not me.

I've had some tummy troubles probably from too much tamaya and fuul. I hope it gets better soon - I expected it but not for this long.

Hassan and Mira went swimming at the pool the other day. One thing I'm learning about living in Egypt is that we rarely do anything by ourselves - there is at least a small entourage of family to join in no matter what the occasion. When we went to the pool we were escorted by Aunt Olfat, Uncle Abazim, Dalia and her son, Omar (another story at least). When we went shopping for clothes for me it was the same above entourage with Olfat's one son, Walid, his wife and two daughters. When we went shopping for furniture it was with Olfat's other son Meedo, his wife, and their three kids! My goodness - where is the privacy and alone time? I appreciate their interest in our lives but it has become very overwhelming for me. We've spent some time with Hassan's friends - what a delight - life-long friends of Hassan's that now include wives and children.

I know it will take time for me to adjust but I need to draw some boundaries too - without insulting anyone or hurting anyone's feelings. I know Egyptians are very warm and friendly to a fault - but I need to stand my ground.