Monday, August 07, 2006

Ain Sukna

We went to Ain Sukna for a few days with Shabaan, his daughter, Maryam, Ehab and his wife, Gehan. We had a good time - the company was great, but there was absolutely nothing to do there, and it was too hot to go out during the day. Mira and Maryam spent the entire time swimming, and as a result, each got some sort of stomach virus.

On the way to Ain Sukna, Ehab's car (Gehan's car really), broke down 4 times on the desert road. So Shabaan, the great electrical engineer, came up with an innovative idea. He got a stone and hit the engine, which turned out to work quite well. There wasn't a problem after that. Leave it to an Egyptian electrical engineer with a broken down car in the desert. Shukran Shabaan!

I cross-stitched almost the entire time there, and the other adults played chess. I want to learn how to play, however, they lost me when they were speaking Arabic. It's alright thought, I understand most of it now.