Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Some Recent Photos

A photo of Hassan, Mira and me at Hassan's office.

A photo of Mira next to the Worldspace rocket that launched a satellite.

A photo of my sister's backyard in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

A photo of a dinosaur skeleton displayed at the Discovery Channel building in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland.



Layla said...

Marian - Great photos! The dinosaur skeleton one is really cool!

Love and hugs!!

Marian said...

Thanks! We are back in Cairo - nothing like being at home. Arrived just in time for sandstorm season - but I'll take it over snow and ice anyday. Love and prayers.

Safa said...

Today in my part of Egypt it was raining hard. Sigh. But the picture of the trees and snow...ohhh....I haven't been back to Cda in the snow season in 6 yrs....I sure do miss that. Went back last summer in time for rain season..LOL! Just can't win.

Karen said...

You left just in time, we are getting snow/sleet/rain again... last check, it was about 3 inches in DC and where I am there is about 5 or so, so far.... one place close by has 9 inches already.... UGH! No school for Luke for a few days... again.... lol... oh well, I will scrapbook for a day or so and get my fix... I loved seeing you again.. Thank you for my scarves... they are keeping me warm as I speak!! xoxoxoxoxox Karen