Sunday, December 24, 2006

There's something going on around here . . .

Hassan has been away three weeks and already wants us to be with him. He suggested that Mira and I travel to the US for our mid-winter break (end of Jan-beginning of Feb). While I want to go to the US and see Hassan and my family, I am afraid to fly in the winter for obvious reasons. So, he is looking into airline tickets to the US around January 25 to February 23. We will see how it goes. Insha'Allah it will all work out.

We got a cat. Yes, you know we love them to death - literally. Poor little Persian or Shirazi as they call them here in Egypt. She likes to talk a lot for a Persian, almost like a Siamese. She's great - especially with Olivia, excuse me, I mean Mira handling her all the time.

Debbie had a "Christmas" party this evening at her place. There was no religious tone to the party, just a get together of women and their children. It was really nice. Since it is her first
"Christmas" with her two children outside of America, she thought it would be a good idea to transition them out of the holiday season. It was a good evening - no men were there so women could take off their hijab. I, of course left it on because I'm always cold.

I managed to figure out how to hook up my digital camera as a webcam and used it with Maggie's Mom the other night. If I can hook up a digital camera as a webcam, anyone can. Maggie's Mom had me laughing hysterically.

Three photos: our new kitten-cat, Mira and Jasmine dancing a ballerina dance they created themselves, and Mira and me.




Cairogal said...

What a cute kitten! BTW, you look great in that last photo: tan, thin and happy!

Marian said...

Thanks! I don't like the photo of myself, was just going to delete it. I love the kitten. She is absolutely adorable and so well trained, thanks to the PE teacher who gave her to us.

Cairogal said...

Honestly, if you look at that photo, and the ones you posted earlier in the blog (you've probably removed them by now), you would see such a vast difference, Marian. Egypt clearly agrees with you! Eid Mubarak!

Layla said...

Marian - Love your new kitty!!! :D You are so lucky! I am also a cat person but Mo is allergic to them. So no kitties for us :(

I love the picture of you and Mira. I agree with Cairogal, you look great!

Love and hugs to you !

Marian said...

Cairogal, Thanks again for the compliment. Yes, life in Egypt definitely agrees with me better than life in the US. I need to remember this. My face is always in a state of windburn in the winter. I can never slather enough moisturizer on my face. Kollo Senna Wannta Taieeba.

Layla, I love the cat too. Her name is "Machka" - "cat" in Polish. Original, I know but it's better than "Otta" :) Thanks for the compliment - I just don't like seeing pictures of myself. I'm too maksufa. Love and hugs, and Kolla Senna Wannta Taiebeen to you!

Cairogal said...

I think the simplicity of life in Egypt and other countries agrees w/ me, too. You'll likely experience this when you come home, but I found the grocery stores in the US to be so overwelming. "Oh look! 12 kinds of tortilla chips!!!" When I couldn't get one kind at alpha market that didn't cost an arm and a leg. Or, "Did you know they make Oreos w/ peanut butter inside?!?!" Whether it's the heat, or the more basic nature of cooking that comes w/ Egyptian life, I'm not sure. All I know is that my waistline is always smaller in that neck of the woods!

Marian said...

A good reason to return to Egypt. Remember the saying, "He who drinks from the Nile must return." I never understood this saying until recently. Egypt has its problems, but overall, simplicity rules. Insha'Allah you will be here soon. Ma'salaam.