Thursday, December 28, 2006

We are headed to the US for vacation

Wow, what a surprise, huh? It's definitely a surprise for us too. Mira and I are going to the US January 26 flying Egyptair. I never flew Egyptair before so it will be one long flight to New York (JFK) - 10 or 12 hours from Cairo. From JFK we will fly into Dulles. We tried to get a flight to Pittsburgh to visit one of my sisters, but the layover in JFK would be 5 hours. Too long to ask Mira to sit in the US without moving. Our flight leaves Cairo 10 am on January 26 and we will return February 24th. We will miss two weeks of school because we have a mid-winter break in there until February 11th. I don't know who will take us to the airport. I am nervous to fly in the winter, especially January and February. Ok, I'll admit it - I'm afraid to fly in January and February. I think of the icing on the plane and I lose it from there. I watched too many shows on National Geographic. Chalk it up to my wild imagination.

When Hassan left for the US I never expected to visit him in the time he was gone, but it seems as good a time as any to go. He said we can go now or go in June - hmm. I had to think about this and decided to go now because I honestly don't know how long he'll be gone at this point (yes things may change and he may be staying longer, much longer than originally planned) and I want us to spend the summer in Alexandria. I am finding more and more people who spend their summers in Alexandria and it would be great to see them there instead of missing them from Cairo.

While in the US I have a long shopping list of things to buy and bring back to Cairo. Mostly basics such as Theraflu, Tylenol (Panadol is used here in Egypt), Benadryl, thick winter leotards, etc. I want a polarfleece top because mine are way too big and I don't know what size I am right now in the US. Mira has her long list of toys. Obviously, we will not be able to buy everything on her list, but it will be a good chance to pick up some movies she has wanted for awhile. She's really into musicals right now. The first thing Mira needs is a nice winter jacket. We lost two of her jackets last year - we think they were stolen at school.

Yesterday we went to CityStars and had lunch with a friend of mine. I am going to embroider two bathrobes for her to give as gifts. I am really excited because it is "our" first customer. Yes, there is hope for a larger business in terms of embroidery but this will take time of course (meaning, money). Insha'Allah it will work out.

Egypt is a great place to start an embroidery business because everything here is embroidered. Also, I still want to start a quilting business but need to find out where to get the fabric and actually get there to buy the fabric. I bought flannel for quilting thanks to a dear friend of mine, and now I want to move on to get other things - quilting cottons. I see them on TV as there is a quilting show on Nile TV here but it's all in Arabic. It is nice to see, though because the woman uses quality cottons. Her technique is a little outdated, but it works. (I know the shortcuts she doesn't use.)




Layla said...

Marian - I am so happy that you will be in the USA!! And so soon!!! How are you feeling about it? Will you wear hijab over here? Will you be in Pittsburgh anytime? LOL I ask to many questions.

How do you feel about Hassan being in the USA for a longer period of time? I know it can be hard at times. Not seeing Mo for almost 7 months now has taken a toll on me, but we try to stay positive about it. But we manage to stay busy--Me with the baby and Mo and his work. Plus constant communication seems to help a lot. Stay strong. You can get through this.

So you are going to be in Alex for the summer! :) How wonderful!!! You have to let me know when so we can get together. Alex is wonderful in the summer. Walking along the Corniche, watching the waves crash in, the smell of that sea air. You will love it!!!

LOL oh the shopping lists...I have been mentally making one up in my head for what I need. Not for me actually (I can tolerate most of the medication in Egypt), but for Zane. I haven't seen any baby medication in Egypt and I know that if I did see one, it would probably cost an arm and a leg.

An Embroidery business!! Oh that is so great!! Insha'Allah you will generate a good business! And I have seen that more "American" style quilts have become more popular.

Many hugs to you!!!

Marian said...

Layla, you were reading my mind, wallahi about the US. I plan on wearing hijab in the US - maybe a ski cap or something, but always keep my head covered. Do you wear hijab in the US? I miss Hassan terribly, but we talk everyday so it helps me cope with us being separated. I hope to be in Pittsburgh during my one-month stay. My sister lives in MacMurray so I need to find out exactly where you are. Yes, Alex in summer, Insha'Allah, for the entire summer, for fun! I know you will be there and with Zane, and my comfort of driving now and being able to understand Arabic, I'm ready to go! Yes, baby meds in Egypt are not often available, and if they are, you don't really know what's in them. Stock up on Tylenol Infant drops, etc. things for babies up to toddler age. By the time he runs out or they expire you'll probably know someone who's going or coming. An embroidery business, it is a dream, one I am trying to start no matter how small. However, I burned out my machine today by forgetting to use my transformer. It will be fixed but I don't know when. Quilts are making a dent in Egypt, but they are very very expensive. I will keep you updated. Love, Marian

Layla said...

Marian - That is wonderful that you are going to wear hijab in the US. Unfortunatly I have taken off mine because of certain safety reasons. I hate not having it on. It became such a big part of me when I was in Egypt and I feel uncomfortable without it.

I can't wait until the summer now!! I know we will have a blast!!

Thank you for telling me about the baby meds. Yes I do have a friend and her husband comes to Alex every few months. She always asks me if I need anything and I always say no lol. But now I might have to take up on her offer lol. Alhumdulilah for her.

Yes, quilts in Egypt are expensive! And even though they are starting to be popular, you don't see a lot of them. It could be a great business to get into that area! :) And I just love all the needlework that I have seen there!!!

Many hugs to you. When you get to the USA I will email you my phone number.

Karen said...

Marian, I hope to see you when you come to the US! If you want a place to stay, let me know, even if it is for a night or so to get acclimated... I have fabric and embroidery cards that I have not used in a while, let me know if you can use them with your machine, I may be able to part with some, lol... please call me when you get here. I have some really nice scarves that you might want to wear too.... I will let you know when I find them... but the Hajib is something that may not be too unusual here, I see them a lot when I was in DC recently.. Let me know if I can help with the list too.... I can start storing up stuff for you... xoxo Karen

Marian said...

Karen - you are so wonderful! I think you are one of the first people I want to see for real! I will let you know as soon as we get there. I promise. We arrive on the 27th of January, I think so I will call you after a day or so. Hassan has an apt. in Silver Spring so we will be there. I can't wait to see you and Luke. Happy New Year! Love.