Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sometimes lifes throws us a curve ball . . .

I was enjoying my Spring break from school until I read an email from my stepmom (my stepmom is great by the way:)). It was Sunday morning and I was scrolling through Yahoo when I saw a message saying "Joe is in the hospital." Oh my gosh, my dad is in the hospital.

I tried calling my stepmom, and one of my sisters, but couldn't get any information; I knew they were probably at the hospital. I eventually received emails from my stepmom. In the meantime, as well, I called my one sister after she messaged me on the mobile (mobiles are great) and she informed me that Dad is still in the hospital in stable condition. Alhamdulillah.

I felt helpless and very isolated. The physical separation from my family just got an ocean wider.

Alhamdulillah as of this posting my Dad is on the mend and he hopes to be home in a day or so. As soon as the doctor gave the OK, my stepmom made sure my dad was up and walking around the hallways in the hospital. My stepmom and dad are very active individuals who live healthy lifestyles (there's a lot to be said for eating healthy and exercising).

Insha'Allah he will continue to get better.

As I returned to school today with my dad and stepmom on my mind, in my heart, and in my prayers, I noticed that my colleague with whom I share an office was absent. I asked the principal where she was and if she called in. The principal said "Didn't you hear it in the morning staff meeting?" (I didn't because I was busy printing out documents for staff.) "She was injured in the Dahab bombings." What!? Not only was she injured, and requested some time off from school - I mean who wouldn't, but one of her friends was killed by the bombs. This is just getting too much for me to hear. I then found out that a teacher she traveled with was OK, but isn't talking about it.

I'm sure we've all thought that tragedies don't take place in our cities, towns, countries, etc. But this time it hit home. Senseless acts of terrorism are not reported or reported incorrectly, and this was one more act of terrorism, by whomever it may be, will never be forgotten.

Everytime I read a story about illness, terrorism, or destruction, I will think of those who suffer and try to place myself in their situation even if just for a brief
moment. And then I will say a prayer for their safety and well-being.




Valerie said...

Marian -
I am glad to hear that your Dad is doing better. I am sure you felt very helpless being so far away.

Everytime I hear of something happening in Egypt i.e. the ferry accident and the bombing etc. I think of you and hope you and your family our safe.

I sent you an email today. Write when you can.

Layla said...

Marian - I am so sorry to hear about your dad. Insha'Allah he will be fine.

I know how you feel about being so far from your family in times like this. Whenever my mom has to go to the doctor for her cancer checkup, I always pray that things go well. Alhumdulilah, they have.

I will keep your dad in my thoughts and prayers.

Love and miss you lots!

Militant Muslimah said...

glad to hear ur Dad is on the mend--may it continue. as far as all this terrorism--it seems it has become a fact of life. it is a very big issue to deal with for some---and it had been for me in the past--and had hit close to my home as well, but i just cant take those burdens on myself anymore--nothing happens without the will of Allah. like u, i offer prayers and du'ah and remind myself that the next life, insha Allah, will be so much better than this one. may Allah grant us peace...ameen

gamal said...

your dad. Insha'Allah he will be fine.I aske My God in my prayers.
Marian you are not alone in Egypt
we are all with you here the same
family . say Hassan hi and Mira

Karen said...

Hey, I am glad that your Dad is on the mend. I hope that continues... Let me know if you need to have me do anything from here, I will be working in Rockville for the next month, so I can go further afield if you need me to. I do miss you and hope you are all staying safe. Take care, xoxox Karen

Marian said...

Val, Thanks for the well wishes and warm thoughts. We are ok here - we are in a pretty secure area with our own security; and we don't venture outside of Cairo for the most part. I promise to write. Really.

Layla, Thanks for thinking of my Dad. My anxiety level has dimished.

Militant Muslimah (still love that name), Thanks for the prayers and well wishes. Yes, we never know how things affect our lives until it touches us personally. I pray for peace too in our lifetime.

Gamal, Thanks for the prayers and well wishes. I know I am not alone -- your family is a big spiritual support to me personally. Your friendship with Hassan is like that of a brother, and I see you the same.

All, thanks so much for the well wishes and prayers. I think about how these hits in my life take place after I leave the US, but know that it is something that would happen to my Dad or in the world regardless of where I am living. I will keep you all updated on the progress of my Dad and my colleague.

Ma'salaam (peace) and Love, Marian

Marian said...


For some reason, our lives have paralleled eachother in ways we cannot understand. Thank you for your offer to help. Love, Marian

Anonymous said...

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