Saturday, May 06, 2006


My Dad is home as of this posting. I called him a few days ago, and although we only spoke for a few minutes, I wanted him to know that we are all praying for him and his recovery. It was very emotional for both of us.

My colleague is recovering. She is at home and had surgery to remove the shrapnel that hit her during the bombing. I don't know when she will return, but it may not be for a couple of more weeks and we only have 4 more weeks of school (thank goodness).

I returned to work this past week after Spring Break and felt re-charged. But even though it was only a 3 day week, I went home on Thursday night (our Friday in Egypt) completely exhausted. I have no energy and seem to be missing the time I spend with Hassan. Contract renegotiations are supposed to begin in the next two weeks -- we will see . . .

Hassan, Mira and I went out with Aunt Olfat on Thursday night for dinner. Security is very tight around all of Egypt, but especially around military installations. We went to a military club where we ate dinner -- good food at a decent price.




Karen said...

Glad all is well. Karen

Joe Pilgrim said...

Marian, it was so nice to hear your voice last week. Sorry I lost it, but I love you as only a father can and hope and pray that you all are safe. I will begin posting to my blog again. The delay is attributed to a combination of procrastination, technical stupidity and being off-line for a while after our move to E. City.
Love, Dad

Marian said...

Dad, thanks for posting to my blog. I am glad you are back "online." You can see from the previous posts that all were praying for you. I will follow your blog and have you linked for others to read. I enjoyed our short but emotionally packed phone conversation a week ago. We miss you terribly and continue to pray for you and Bonnie. Love, Marian

Anonymous said...

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