Saturday, April 29, 2006

The days are definitely getting longer

I found out recently that Egypt changes time one month after the US, both in the spring and in the autumn. Since we changed time last Thursday night (we are now 7 hours ahead of the US), our body clocks are off to say the least.
We are adjusting to the new time change, and luckily we are still on a break from school. We return to school on Tuesday, May 2, and with that, we are all going a bit crazy here at home.

It is getting too hot to go outside during the day - it is currently 95F so we need to keep ourselves busy indoors until sundown.

Mira is bored senseless; she loves school, Alhamdulillah; she thrives on structure. And her friend Jasmine is off to Sharm for a week. Since Mira is bored, I pulled out the big guns to keep her occupied: my scrapbook supplies. Yes, I know, I shouldn't let her use them, but I haven't used them in one year since I've been here and she is thrilled when she is allowed to pick out her own photos to scrapbook. Mostly, she decorates pictures of herself when she was younger (I love watching her build her self-confidence and self-esteem), but once in awhile she includes pictures of Hassan and I when we were first married (she's currently working on one of our wedding photos). I would love to scrapbook, but it is process for me to start working on this craft. First I have to decide what photos to use, then I need to select the theme - yes I am very compulsive in this area. I am the only one I know who puts photos in chronological order.

I am trying to finish a cross-stitch cardinal afghan I started making for Hassan before we were married. It isn't difficult, it's on evenweave fabric, but I became complacent with it and put it down for many years. I'll post a photo when it is finished, which I hope is in the next two weeks. I refuse to start any other stitching project until the cardinal project is completed. After that, I will pick something much easier and quicker to stitch; maybe some guest towels.




Safa said...

Salaam to you nice to find others living the egyptian way of life. WOuld you believe that no one told me that the time was changing? I totally didn't know about it until Saturday. HO HUM! I live in Asher min Ramadan......I've driven by Al Rehab......come over and visit my BLOG....but beware!!!!

Safiya said...

Nice blog and I really like the flag quiz. What's your favourite flag?

Marian said...

Ahlan! Thanks for visiting. I will definitely visit your blog. Ma'salaam, Marian

Safiya, Ahlan! Thanks for visiting. My favorite flag - aside from the US for red, white and blue -- I would have to say one of the African countries- I like the black/green and red combinations. I'm a geography buff always have been - I had great teachers growing up. Ma'salaam, Marian

Maureen said...

Hello Marian, great to meet you through your blog, I am living in Alexandria, arrived here in December 2005, was reading some of your archived posts and you are not the only one driving the desert way signing along to Shania, and others, I do the same thing, driving around Alex, like you music is home. Really missed Easter with my family, my son and his wife were in BC with my folks, really craving ham. I am not a muslim, even though I do cover. Will keep reading your posts.

Hajar said...

I like scrap booking too, but mot so much with photos as with pictures I collect from newspapers and magazines. ;)

Militant Muslimah said...

wow--is it that hot there already??? my God--i am glad i postponed my trip until Ramadan! did i tell u i love ur blog?

Marian said...

Maureen - thanks for reading my blog. It's nice to know I'm not the only one be-bopping on the desert roads. It just adds to the charm of living here. I am interested to know how you feel about wearing hijab.

Hajar - Welcome! I guess those days of collecting things for school never leave us. Believe it or not I enjoy cutting pictures out of magazines too. Interesting . . . must be a psychological reason for this :)

Militant Muslimah - Your name is so eye-catching. I hope more people are drawn to your blog to see what you're really all about. I think my blog is more or less scattered thoughts, and rambling in many cases. Your blog on the other hand is exceptional and very focused.

All - I hope to post more about Islam in the future and my journey to stay on the straight path.

Ma'salaam, and love, Marian

Karen said...

Hey, we went to Disney for Luke's 6th birthday.. yes, already 6.
Anyway, if Mira is scrapbooking email me your address and I will send her some stuff. I have been scrapbooking a lot too.... ugh, you know me, I go overboard, anyway, I have loads of embellishments and stuff that I can send her a box of for playing around with. Let me know... I am glad you are all fine... xoxo Karen
I will email some pics for you... actually I am not sure of the correct email anymore, so I will email to both of the ones I have and send photos of our trip. Me.

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Anonymous said...

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