Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Warm weather in February, about 60 F, was a welcome change to unbearable cold we have been experiencing. 02/06/05 Posted by Hello


Layla said...

Wow!! It's warmer there than it is here!!! LOL!!


Marian said...

Layla -

It might be warmer here in MD, but I'd rather be in Egypt! Besides, we're on the way down in temps as we speak. Back to the cold chill of February (it's OK, though, February is a short month).

Ma3salaama and love,


Layla said...

Yeah I was watching Good Morning America (yes they finally have it here!!) and I did see that the temps were falling where you are :)

Still chilly here but it will be warming up soon, Insha'Allah..I am just counting the days!!

Salaams and Take care

Anonymous said...

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