Saturday, January 22, 2005

Here is a photo of three cardinals perched outside their nest on the side of our house, photo courtesy of Hassan. Posted by Hello


Layla said...

Hi Marian!!

A big thumbs up for Hassan for taking that pic! Just lovin' it!! :)

Oh, I miss cardinals! I always thought they were so pretty in the winter time. :) How much snow have you had already?

Gotta get some sleep. I guess there have been a ton of wedding engagements every night cause there are sooo many cars honking their horns and this girl needs her sleep!! Geez Louise!! ;)


Marian said...

Layla -

Thanks for the comment on the pic. It is very difficult to get a decent photo of cardinals in the winter. This pic was taken from our living room window. We got about 4 inches - of course they were predicting 8+ inches and they never seem to get it right. Wind chill is about -10, though. Brrrr. I bet Alex. is nice and cozy compared to Maryland.

I hope the engagements turn into quick marriages and the honking stops.