Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hassan's Home and Kazza Kazza Kazza

So Hassan arrived back in Cairo this past Monday, the 28th. Shabaan called me in the morning and asked me if I was going to the airport to get him. I said yes. He said are you sure? I said yes. He said do you want to follow us? I said no, I can get there by myself. He said are you sure? I said yes, I'm sure. Thanks.

OK, so we made it there just fine. We only live 15 minutes from the airport, and since I've been driving all over Cairo for the past six months on my own, a quick trip to the airport was nothing.

We arrived at the airport and found Shabaan, Gamal, and Ehab waiting for Hassan. It was really wonderful of them to take time to welcome Hassan home.

Hassan arrived. Mira was excited. Yes, we stopped at the duty free shop. Ahem. . .

We made it out to the parking lot and I drove us to Olfat's. Hassan was not used to my driving and said that I'm driving a little crazy. Crazy?! There was no one on the road. . . just not like America.

We went to Olfat's ate all kinds of maashi, yum! and chicken, and molokayia (which I don't really care for). We stayed there for a little while and came home.

We fell asleep and got up at 3:00 am the next morning and talked until it was time for me to go to school.

Now we are looking for a new car for Hassan to buy before he returns to America. If he finds one, fine, if not, it can wait. We went out today with Dalia and Abazim to look at cars, and it drove the three of us absolutely nuts. They all talk at once and about different subjects, and Hassan doesn't need me asking "What?" "What?" So I just quietly walk away.

I'm still finishing up the school year and I'm physically and psychologically drained. I am completely burned out and have nothing else to contribute to the school at this point, other than just sitting at my desk and watching the teachers punch in and punch out everyday. I don't know if I'm returning next year or not. I'm thinking of tutoring English in my home after school, beginning in September. I am talking to other teachers about setting up a network of English/Math/Science tutors.




Cairogal said...

"Yes, we stopped at the duty free shop. Ahem. . ."

Oh, sweet duty free...

karen jenners said...

I loved the duty free shop in Canada when we went to 1000 islands last year ... and the year before... anyway... your last blog about 4th of July hit home, we went camping last weekend with family and one of them had a drinkfest... not Jim, but I decided enough of going anywhere for holidays anymore... Luke does not need to be around that, even if it is family... ya know?! I need to text you soon.... Matt is talking about going back to CA and I am not happy... he also broke up with Naz, now is back with her and talking marriage and babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not ready for this... Grandma KAREN!!arrrgggghhhh ... lol... email me... k

Anonymous said...

Hassan - I am sorry we could not get together for lunch prior to you leaving. My hospital stay was quite unexpected. I wish the whole family a lot of happiness.

Marian said...

Cairogal - Yes, Duty Free - ahhh. Love and prayers.

Karen - The July 4th blog entry was something I HAD to write about because Mira's comment came as a surprise to me. Sounds like you are busy - Matt back to CA? Wow. Grandma Karen? No, not yet. Love.

Tom - Glad you are on the mend. I hope you are ok. If you all want anything let me know, Hassan can bring it back with him. Love.

Nora said...

Ahem.. party in your office?
Well. I think that we are honeslty all drained. None of us can give any more.
9 days and all will be well.
I think that you like the social aspect of working. Maybe staying ta home is not what you need.
You probably need some relaxing time off.. take that and then see if maybe there are other places you'r be more interested in. Places you'd feel more valued..
Make arrangements with your husband.. Thursday the 15th you are invited for a celebratory party at my place!!! You are Mira free that day! that is an order from Princess Nora.. I will not take no for an answer!!

Marian said...

Nora, you know I will be THERE!!! Hassan is taking Mira for the day and I can't miss this opportunity to be with you and everyone else. love. Marian