Monday, May 21, 2007

Has it really been that long since my last post?!

Here's what's happening:

Hassan comes home in 6 days - but he's only staying for 4 weeks, then returns to the US for 3-6 more months.

We're finishing the school year which is my busy time of closing down the office, but I love routine! Who would have ever thought? I was such an anti-routined person growing up, but now appreciate the routine of everyday life. Also, I look forward to re-negotiating a contract that I never received this past year, so I can continue at the school, Insha'Allah.

I have plenty to do over the summer -- between Mira swimming 3 days a week and quilts on order, I'll be busy.

It's been too stinking hot to do anything, so I'm getting in the summer mode of taking my afternoon "siesta." (ok so it's not Arabic, it's Spanish) A teacher at my school recorded 48 C outside this past Saturday.

I've been embroidering like crazy on my machine. (Thanks Shabaan!)

I have a new back balcony door. (Thanks again, Shabaan!)

I have a new closet (dulab) on order for my bathroom. (yes, thanks again Shabaan!)

I have to make a correction to a previous post, it doesn't take a village to raise a child, it takes an entire world. I have had so many friends from various cultural backgrounds, help me out with Mira over the past six months, I cannot possibly thank everyone. While this past year at school has been frustrating at times, today I realized how many real friends I have made at school because they truly care about Mira's well being and happiness.

Also, my brother Tom is on the mend from surgery. He's doing well, from what I hear. I hope you get better soon, Tom.

I have been speaking more Arabic around school and the teachers are impressed. Even Mira commented how well my Arabic is coming along. Alhamdulillah. Anything more than shwaya, shwaya (little by little) is good enough for me, which by the way I don't say anymore because Egyptians laugh at foreigners who use that phrase. Even I joke with Egyptians about it now. (Ok, I'll admit batting my blue eyes help too.)

To everyone who listened to me bitch and moan over the past six months in regards to kollahagga (everything), thank so much. I could not have done it without everyone. Now, here's to the next six months!! It's really not that bad, it starts at school time. So I have all summer to relax and get ready for the next round. Ding! Ding! Round 2!




Eva..."The Evolutionary" said...

I am so glad to read this post. I am--which is really strange--going back and forth about whether to actually take the plunge and move back to Egypt. I guess the closer it gets, the more scared I am. I have done it twice before--making the so-called "permanent" move--and ended up back here. So now I am a bit worried about giving up everything--again--to live there. Yes, I do realize it is so much less stress. And that is something I sorely need right now. And safety and just a different way of life is a big advantage. Your post reminded me of the good things--also your advice to Layla! Thanks for being so upbeat!

Marian said...

I had an interesting conversation today w/ a match teacher at my school who has her Master's in Biochemistry and was working for Pfizer in the US making really good money. She is Christian, American, and engaged to an Egyptian Muslim right now. She said that nobody understands her unwillingness to play the games in the US where everything ends up being a pissing contest and women pigeon-hole themselves into a specific category. This teacher loves living abroad, and does not intend to move back to the US anytime soon. Of course I felt better when she said she understood me, but w/ a child, life changes, and safety is my number 1 priority for my daughter. Also, Mira said today "Mommy, I'm glad we don't celebrate the 4th of July here." I said "Why?" Actually I was shocked - it's one of my favorite holidays in the States. She said "Because there aren't drunk drivers on the road." It's really sad when Independence Day doesn't mean freedom to a 9 year-old but rather watching out for drunk drivers. Ma'salaam.

karen said...

I am glad that Hassan is going back for a few days, I know you missed him, and I hope you can get back here at some point for another visit... I will even willingly go back to SS to visit if you do.... Tell Hassan, my GREEN ROBE he got me many years ago... (yes I still wear it) is wearing thin, so, I may need to ask him or you to get me another one... blue this I will get you the money for it, I love that thing... I wear it more than my ratty old chenille robe... lol.... anyway, Mira is right, but you know, I think we just have too many "holidays" here.... it just gives some people another reason th drink or party or whatever, and the reason for the day gets lost somewhere along the way... xoxox Karen

Marian said...

Karen - Anything you want we will get for you. I found some beautiful nightgowns w/ a bathrobe very fancy for those "special" occasions. They're gorgeous. Just let me know - Hassan will be here 1 month. I will get you absolutely anything you want. You know that. Let me know if the green robe is thin? They have so many here to choose from. Too many choices in everything. Do you want more cotton nightgowns? Let me know. They're really great here. Love you. Hopefully we will visit in the US around September/October.

Marian said...

Karen - PS - please don't send money - it's all a gift for you!!!

Nora said...

I am glad he is back. Enjoy the time with him, so that the time apart will be filled with great memories!
Mira is amazing. She thinks in a way so beyond her age.. and she still lives her childhood.
I cannot express how much I am in love with her.. speaking of which, When do I get to take her for Cinnabon??

karen jenners said...

I have my Cricut Expressions coming in the next day or so.... let me know if you want anything done for your SCRAPBOOKING! lol.... and I will too pay for my nighties...I can't let it get out that your hubby gets me my nightwear... how would that look to my friends and family?!?!? he got you what?!?!? how does he know that you have to order thru Omar the tentmaker to get your butt covered?!?!? rotflmao... I would love to have another cotton nightie... blue is my flavor of the month... lol.. thank you Hassan... x. k