Monday, March 26, 2007

A quick post before school

Being back at school makes me extremely busy so I thought I would update y'all on some things going on around here.

Hassan has a bad cough and I am worried. He cut down on his cigarettes, bought Nicoderm and seems to be doing a little better. Insha'Allah he will continue to get better. He's debating whether or not to return at the end of May and stay in Cairo or go back to the US. We keep kicking around ideas and we need to stay open to the options.

Mira is doing well at school, Alhamdullilah. She is in swimming class here at the club and absolutely loves it. She is a real team player and is proud of her participation in swimming. The coaches are respectful and extremely kind to children. Actually all Egyptians are extremely kind to children.

Mira has also rekindle a friendship with Sara. Mira met Sara when we first moved here to Rehab but the friendship cooled for awhile. I am thankful. Her mother Lisa is American and the more I talk with Lisa the more I like her. She is level-headed, well thought out and full of support. I hope to return the friendship.

I am chugging along at school -- I am glad I'm back and see the rest of the year as just three more months. Not the dreaded January -- "Oh my God I still have half a year left" feeling.

We had a staff day at school last Friday and I didn't want to participate but in the end I was really glad. It was nice to release some stress in a positive way by singing and laughing my *ss off with other teachers. At least now I know who on staff likes to sing. And now they know how much I like to sing.

I always knew I had a lot of trust in Reham, a great friend of mine from school, but everyday I realize how much more I appreciate her friendship and honesty. She has tremendous insight and is extremely honest. Something I treasure in a friendship. Alhamdullilah.

There is more but I will save it for the next post.




Karen said...

SMOKING IS A BAD HABIT... AHEM...I hope he is feeling better... If he needs anything, let me know, it would be worth another ticket if I need to help him any scrapping yet?!? I have been a scrapping fool lately, so I have a bunch of stuff made, but nothing I can use...oh well... practice makes perfect... xoxoxo karen

Marian said...

Karen, I hope he's getting better too. Thanks. No scrapbooking yet but this weekend for sure - we have 3 days off!! and two days off added to next weekend - Coptic Easter. Love.

Rosalyn said...

You write very well.