Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Amsheer"- "The Windy Season"

Yes, it's that wonderful time of year of Amsheer "the windy duststorm/sandstorm" season. I don't really mind it - it's different, any change of weather is good as long as it's not freezing cold and snowing, but this year it is making me feel ill.

I was out of work yesterday because I just wasn't feeling well over the weekend. I just couldn't seem to "wake up." I went to work on Sunday and felt awful; then yesterday morning I woke up and felt worse; head, stomach, aches and pains, you name it; I messaged in that I would be out. I didn't feel right about doing this but thought it would be better to stay at home for a day and try to get better. I was even too ill to drive Mira to school so she stayed with me. Note to self: next time, make myself drive Mira to school. Alhamdulillah she was good, and let me rest, but still she's an 8 year old.

I don't know what it's like in other parts of the Middle East but here in Egypt when it's Amsheer all the dust and germs are blow around by the wind. My cleaning lady comes once a week and every week there is a thick film of some sort of dust for her to clean. I just don't understand it. I don't know how the dust gets in the house.

Maybe Amsheer's effects on me this year is compounded by the fact that we have 4 kittens and mommy which are still nursing. I know this may be aggrivating my allergies, but they are just too small to let go at this point; I think they are about 5 weeks old.

I remember 3 years ago when we came to Egypt for vacation during this time we were walking around in short sleeves and saying how beautiful this month was; now as a native living here I dress like all other Egyptians, in sweaters carrying my tissues.




Layla said...

Marian - LOL oh those sandstorms. You know that no matter what, the sand will come inside. I used to be shocked how much my maid would clean up. Welcome to Egypt :) These days, I would take those days over snow anytime. ;)

I hope you are feeling better now. Maybe take some allergy medication. My husband has to take it everyday when the sandstorms hit.

Love and Hugs!

Marian said...

Yes, well, I prefer it over snow too, believe it or not. It's that unusual red sky and hot wind that blows when a sandstorm is coming around. I am used to it now -- I don't hang my laundry in a sandstorm anymore - I learned the hard way. love and prayers.