Monday, February 05, 2007

The Weather Report

I will never, ever complain about the cold weather in Cairo for the rest of my life. Wallahi (I swear)-- it is -20 C outside at the very least. Apparently the weather here in Western PA (Pittsburgh) is the coldest in 10 years. Of course it is, because Marian is in the US for the first time in two years! I long to feel the warm Egyptian winter sun kissing my face. (If you are like me, you would miss it too.)

We did some more shopping today. I know what you're thinking - why go out when it's icy, snowy and absolutely freezing outside?! Because my sister has snow tires and she lets nothing stop her from doing what she wants to do - just like Mom used to do. When there's a will there's a way. We were raised with the determination to do what we want when we want, regardless of what the weather is like outside.

We made our way through Target today -- a bit overwhelming - actually all the stores here are still overwhelming me and I need to stop and gather my senses before I just take one of everything in the store. I did manage to cross a few more items off my shopping list so I feel quite satisfied in that regard.

Mira got another pair of jeans - ok she's done with pants for now. I think she has enough to last her until at least the hot weather hits in Cairo. Me? Well, I managed to get some mints I've been dying for -- nothing spectacular but good old Lifesaver Peppermints. Plain old candy - it's hard to find a good mint in Cairo, along with some sugar free candies to give to family in Egypt.

I found some more moisturizer my face is in desperate need of - the Egyptian sun just sucks all the moisture out of my skin - especially my face. So now I'm into finding the "advanced age defying night cremes" to make my skin look younger. Ugh. Hair color - to color or not to color I'm still debating this one. If I color my hair, then I'm stuck doing it for the rest of my life. If I don't then I can do it whenever I wish. Luckily for me I didn't find anything I really liked unless I wanted to color my hair from reddish brown to bright red -- not.

I still haven't been able to find clothing prices better than Burlington Coat Factory in Silver Spring. The quality is great and the prices are knocked down. The sales lady said to come back after February 14th, when the prices will really be slashed. Gotta love winter clothes in the US; they're perfect for Egyptian winters too.

So I only have a few more stores to hit in the next 3 weeks: Kohl's (candles & maybe pants), Michaels/JoAnn's (crafts and quilting supplies), and Best Buy (video camera). Everything I am buying is very inexpensive, so my money goes further.




Layla said...

Marian - I am an agreement with you about the weather. I will never complain to Mo about how hot it is every again lol. I am shocked out cold it has been here. I was just telling Mo how much I missed the sea air and the palm trees :)

Yes, I do think you are a little nutty for going out. But then again, I probably would do the same thing LOL. Shopping is fun here. Finding things that you missed and all of that. I was also overwhelmed at the stores when I first got back. Just looking at everything. I think I spent at least 3 1/2 hours in Walmart looking at everything when I first got back.

For Moisturizer, I found that this cream that works soooo well. It is in a orange container. I think it is called "Cream 21". It did wonders for my skin.

I am giving up the hair color myself. I was really going to do it here but then I thought, it is going to ruin my hair after awhile and then it will take forever to grow it out. Not gonna do it. Anyways, I am so close about putting the hijab back on and leaving it on. I will have to email you and talk to you about it.

Burlington is the BEST when it comes to clothes!! and I love love love Baby Depot :D It is one of my favorite places to go. And the deals!!! WoW!!

I am so happy you are finding everything that you have been looking for. Happy Shopping!

Love and hugs to you!

Karen said...

Marian, I left a message for you.. before you go to Joann's let me know... I have some fabric put aside for you... I got it on the Eastern Shore last year and thought of you... There is also a store in Rockville called G street fabrics.. over by the World Market... let me know if you can't find it.. .they have the entire second floor of a shopping strip mall... or at least half of it... lots of fabric... Call me when you get a chance... I left a message... It is frigid here and I like WARM!!!!!! So, I will be in the basement scrapbooking today.. trying to finish up some stuff for Luke... xoxo Karen

Marian said...

Layla - Tried calling you but line was busy. I will keep trying.

Karen - I will call you when I get back to MD by Monday. I still have 2 weeks in the US.