Saturday, January 06, 2007

Tamer Hosny

I am just beginning to enjoy Arabic music, so I am listening to much more these days because Mira just loves it. So in listening the music channels over and over again while at home, I found a song by Tamer Hosny called "Ba3'yesh" (Baa'yeesh). It took me about a week to find out the name of this song because mostly everything on TV is written in Arabic so seeing the name of the song in Arabic does not do me any good.

I recorded the video through my mobile video camera and listened to the song many times; picking out the few words I understand.

Thanks to an MSN group of Tamer Hosny fans I downloaded the song. Although it's not the acoustic version currently on TV (it's a little jazzier) I enjoy it anyway.

Now if I can only figure out what he's singing about.




Natalia said...

Assalamo aleikom Marian,

Nice to find your blog! :) And Tamer sings about love of course, calling back his lover, because he doesn't know how to live without her. I really like this song as well :)

Anyhow, nice to know you're doing well in Egypt and hope to hear only good news from you.



Layla said...

Marian - Can you email me the address to that MSN group? I love Tamer and his songs!! :D

Love and hugs!

Karen said...

You sound like you feel better. I have never heard Arab music unless it was on the Discovery Channel or
Travel or some such.. but nothing of the music that is listened to day to day... when you come, bring something we can put in the CD player in my truck and we will listen to it when I visit you... karen

Marian said...

Natalia, Thanks for visiting my blog! How are you? Thanks for filling me in on this song. It is just so beautiful, no matter what he's saying . . . Love, Marian

Marian said...

Layla, Here's the link to Tamer's fan website they have the downloads of the words in English/Arabic transliteration. I just haven't had time to download the words yet - although I need someone to translate. Let's face it - he's easy on the eyes especially in the video/song I'm currently interested in. Love to you and Zane.

Marian said...

Karen, There is some really great music here; I'm just beginning to enjoy it; especially the latest love ballad. I will bring Egyptian music - old and new. I want you to see Mira dance "baladi" in Egypt aka "bellydancing." Can't wait to see you and Luke and Jim. Love.

Val said...

Marian -
Would love to see you when you are here visiting. How can we get connected once you are here?


Marian said...

Val, I have been thinking about you so much and cannot wait to see you. I will email you privately with Hassan's cell phone number. We will be arriving on Jan 27 and will be staying in Silver Spring at Hassan's apt. Hope to see you soon. Love.