Friday, January 05, 2007

Missing in Action and Other Things

I have been missing in action (MIA) . I have been battling bronchitis, sinus, ears, you name it and I have it. I haven't been sick like this for three years, and it has to get me now. It's not exactly the way I wanted to spend my Eid vacation, but that's how it goes.

I have been watching a lot I mean a lot of TV. There is too much to think about and write about: for example, the execution of Saddam Hussein (of which I will have no comment), the election of Nancy Pelosi as the first woman speaker of the House of Representatives (a milestone for women not just in the US but all over the world), the swearing in of Congressman Keith Ellison as the first Muslim Congressman (another milestone), the comment made by Congressman Goode of Virginia about how Muslims need to stop coming into "our country" (speaking about Ellison, who by the way is a convert from Catholicism to Islam and was born in the US you idiot!). Ignorance isn't bliss, it's just stupid.

Preparing for the trip to the US, since I have been sick I am remembering all the cold medicines I want to get while in the US; for example, Theraflu, Sudafed Sinus, Tylenol Sinus, whatever sinus medicine I can get my hands on that will work safely (i.e. not raise my blood pressure). I have also been thinking about how I'm going to bring some of my things back to Cairo - taking empty suitcases and bringing back full suitcases.

I've been chatting with Maggie's Mom (MM) online and having a wonderful time doing it. We are laughing, almost crying, and looking forward to seeing each other when Mira and I arrive at the end of January. It is also fun to see her daughter, Maggie, ask questions about Mira and me. I can't wait to see her because it's been almost two years since we left the US. I told her I want flannel sheets for Cairo, which we cannot find here - they export the fabric but don't sell the sheets here - go figure. She asked me what color, I said I don't care as long as there isn't any pattern on it - I'm so patterned out from the sheets my mom used to have in the 70's, stripes, big flowers, etc. Also, I'm patterened out from living in Egypt. So MM went to Kohl's and found
solid color sheets - she said guess what color? I said what, she said "camel". No joke. I love the color.




Layla said...

Marian - Sorry to hear that you are sick. If I was there, I would be coming down with some homeade chicken soup for you!! :)

As for medications here, they took out the stuff that raises blood preasure. The only one that didn't (as far as I know) is Clariton D. LOL I have been thinking about how in the world I will be bringing everything back with me. When i came here, I brought back 2 t-shirts, 3 pants, and 2 pairs of Nikes. That's it! I have a closet full of clothes here (a lot still doesn't fit right lol).

Good idea about the flannel sheets!! They should be having a white sale soon at a lot of the stores. If I see anything nice, I will let you know.

Love and hugs to you!

Marian said...

I tried posting a reply yesterday but my dial up is not working well. Thanks for the info on the decongestants. Though they raise the bp, it really clears the head. I hope to expand my wardrobe the way you have while I'm in the US. I'm already looking for a Steelers sweatshirt; been window shopping online. I will let you know when about I will arrive in the greater Pittsburgh area. Would love to see you and Zane - also want you to meet one of my sisters. Love and kisses!

Karen said...

Sorry to hear you are sick too... I read the one after this one and remarked... anyway, email me sizes etc... and I too will keep an eye out for stuff for you... I have friends in SS MD and will have no problem getting there to you when you come.. but watch out, they have The Container Store, the IKEA from you know where and that is only two of my favorite stores right now.... as well as AC Moore etc... lol... I can outshop you any day and you know me, give me an excuse to shop and I am gone!!!
xoxo Karen