Saturday, January 27, 2007

Our trip was a success

We left Cairo on the 26th and checked in with EgyptAir. It seems as though Egypt is much more organized than New York.

The flight from Cairo to JFK was very long, but very smooth. Mira behaved very well, much better than expected. Mira watched many movies and I tried to sleep. I fell asleep listening to the Quran on the radio. One of the benefits of flying EgyptAir is that they play Quran on one of the radio channels. It was quite a comfort to me, because I was very nervous and anxious to fly.

I was really proud of Mira because she spoke Arabic with the stewardesses and Mira seemed to feel more comfortable on the flight than other flights before.

We arrived in NY and had to wait for an additional 3 hour delay because there was a back up on the runway. We slept the entire flight from NY to Washington, and didn't wake up until we were landing. What a relief. At least we were able to sleep a little bit.

The gibna romy and basterma made it through the flight for Hassan. Nothing was taken but a pair of scissors Mira accidentally packed in her carry-on after I told her no. Egyptian police caught it and I apologized "Asif, asif." He said "Mish Mishkilla." (Sorry, and no problem)

When we got home after checking out our luggage, we came back to the flat and Mira immediately fell asleep. I couldn't sleep and thought of my friends waking up going to the SAT at school. I will not change my phone clock because I miss my friends terribly already (you know who you are).

It is cold today, and we are on our way to do some shopping.

I will be looking for a video camera for my friend, and jeans for Mira and me.

I am still in hijab and will continue to wear it. I do not plan to take it off no matter what.

Alhamdulillah for my friends who helped us get ready for the trip. To Shabaan and Ehab for driving us to the airport and getting Hassan's medicine. And to Sameh, many thanks to you for taking the cat and for your friendship.




Layla said...

Marian - I am so happy that you and Mira made it safely to the USA. I bet Hassan is so happy to have you both here :)

LOL about the Romy and Basterma. I never would have thought that you could get that past security! I hope Hassan is enjoying it.

I hope you are adjusting well. I will email you soon with my phone number. And I am so proud of you that you are still in hijab. You are much stronger than me, that is for sure.

Take care and lots of hugs to you!

Karen said...

Hey, I knew that the flight would go well, I wasn't sure about the cultural changes... lol... things have not changed, they will just feel different. Give me a call when you get a chance. I will email you my phone numbers in case you forgot them.. karen

gamal said...

Marian , Mira
انا سعيد جدا لوجودكم مع حسن فى أمريكا وحمدالله على سلامتكم ووصولكم بالسلامة
وارجو الله ان تقضوا أياما سعيدةورحلة موفقه مع حسن
لكم تحياتى

Marian said...

Layla - yes we made it with gibna romy and basterma. 1 K of each. No problem with customs or anything. Look forward to speaking with you on the phone.

Karen - I will email you my phone number. Actually it's Hassan's cell number but I have taken it for the visit.

Gamal - Thank you for the good wishes. We are well and maybe spending a lot of time together. I think Hassan is ready for us to go somewhere else for a visit :)

"The Evolutionary" said...

Welcome back to USA! I hope you enjoy your time. All in all though, I'd rather be in Egypt.