Saturday, December 16, 2006

Out here on my own

We went to Olfat's after school on Thursday. She was very happy to see us and started crying. She asked about Hassan and I said he was fine. Everytime she talked about him she started crying so I would not mention his name too much.

She had her bone scan on Thursday but the results haven't been made known yet since the report hasn't been written. I hope for the best, but expect a decline. It's just the realist in me from past experience.

For dinner at Olfat's we had basilla (yes, peas) and gazar (carrots) with lahme (meat) and rice. Mira had spinach and beef. She loves it. Going there without Hassan reminded me of how I never appreciated my Mom's food until I moved out of the house, got married, and was repsonsible for my own meals. Everytime I went back "home" no matter what Mom made it tasted great. I felt the same way at Aunt Olfat's.

Hassan's cousin Walid and his wife and daughters went to Olfat's and Mira played with the kids for awhile. We stayed for about three hours and eventually made our way home after stopping at the souk (market) for a few things.

Yesterday I made fuul and adddddddttttttttttts (lentil soup). Yummm. I cannot have enough whole grains in Egypt. I know it's not meat, but who cares. I never really cared for red meat anyways, unless it's a nice thick juicy steak from Nick's.

I went to the souk last night again with Mira and Jasmine and met one of Debbie's friends who recognized Jasmine. She is a full niquab and asked me 'Are you Muslim?' WHAT?! Does it matter? I thought I could have done a "Joe" on her, but instead for Debbie's sake I was polite. Sometimes it is better not to say anything at all -- just smile.




Cairogal said...

Ha! Guess your veil didn't give it away to her!

Marian said...

You never know how people perceive things. Alhamdulillah - I just let it go and bit my tongue.