Thursday, December 07, 2006

Little by Little - Shwayya Shwayya

I spoke with Aunt Olfat yesterday and it seems as though she is very sick. She went to the hospital for blood analysis and glucose testing. She said that she was very sick this week and I think her glucose levels are really worrying her. It was long overdue, but I'm glad she went to get her blood tested. She had been so focused on her chemo that she neglected the glucose levels. Insha'Allah she will be feeling better soon. I think from this point on the goal is to make her as stable as possible and as comfortable as possible.

I went shopping with Debbie on Tuesday. I bought some boots, wore them yesterday, forgetting to break them in and my feet were screaming "Ouch! Let me out!" all day. But I looked good! I need to break them in at home before wearing them out again. They were really reasonable 100LE for real leather. The leather here in Egypt is incredible and the prices are great. I also bought two plain sweaters - no sequins, no lace, no designs. Debbie said it was too "plain Jane" but I like that considering it is next to impossible to find a hijab without sequins or any type of design on it.

Students in G10-12 didn't have school yesterday to prepare for exams today. It was a nice day without the high school students. I will be proctoring an exam today -- fine with me. I like being in a classroom for exams.

Mira has her play today. She's the narrator and has 12 lines. She has anxiety attacks over anything really big at school. So the teacher said she can write the lines on index cards. Good, problem solved there.

I made spaghetti and kobeba (Syrian style meatballs) for dinner last night. The spaghetti was really good but the kobeba is always too salty. I fell asleep shortly after that and slept until 5 this morning. Alhamdulillah I slept well. Mira has been sleeping better too. I can't figure it out. Maybe because I'm trying to keep her occupied.

I got a message from Hassan that was sent on Dec 3 but received at 2 a.m. this morning. He is not happy in the US - I think it's because of the all the game playing and back-biting people do. At least we know that nothing has changed at his company, but what a way to find out.

It has rained - I mean poured here in the desert for the past two evenings and nights in a row. It hasn't rained like this since we moved here. Maybe this is an omen -- God is telling us something.




Layla said...

Marian - I am so sorry to hear about Aunt Olfat. Insha'Allah she will be better soon. I will pray for her.

I agree with you, leather is wonderful in Egypt. And so inexpensive! I got 2 shoes but I didn't wear them much cause my feet puffed out so soon! I can't wait to go back and wear them.

I am also a "plain jane" when it comes to tops. Especially over there with the hijabs having lots of designs and sequins on them. I have to remember to buy more plain tops here before I go back.

Insha'Allah Mira will do a great job on her play. That is wonderful that she has index cards. I had to memorize them when I was a narrator in my 6th grade play. She is so lucky!!! :)

I remember you telling me how bad the USA has become when you came to Egypt. I think it is now worse then when you were here last. People are just out to get ya. They will stomp on anyone to get to the top. It is such a shame here anymore. It is all about the money--who has it, who doesn't, who is making it, who isn't. Greed and Materialism is so in your face here. Yes, it is there in Egypt too, but not the extents of here. I am sorry that Hassan is not liking it here and his work is pretty much how he left it. But at least you guys know so you don't ever wonder, "Maybe we should go back for awhile..." I am glad that I won't have to deal with things like that when I return to Egypt. You know the saying, "The grass is greener on the other side."

Lots of love and hugs to you!!! Miss you!!!


Marian said...

Layla - you are so right about everything!!! Fist the hijabs, yes, sequins, baubles, shiny stuff. I know we cannot avoid it but I know how you dress in Egypt and I agree with you - as plain jane as possible esp. by Egyptian standards. Alhamdulillah we don't mix patterns to match colors! :) I love the hijabs you wear. You pick out such pretty ones. Here a good price is 25 LE. You are right, the grass is always greener, and yes there is materialism here, but not to the extent as it is in the US. Mira did well in her play - her nerves were fine. Hope you and Zane and Mo are well.