Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Life keeps moving forward

I went to school yesterday and tried my best to avoid the person I was working with last year. He still has my mobile number (no big surprise there) but of course I deleted his. He asked me why and I told him that I needed to clean out my phone listings and since we were not working together anymore there was no need for me to keep it. He said "Marian but you're my sister." Sister. Right. No way. When a man in Egypt says to a woman "you're my sister" it means I like you in a friendship sort of way. But in his case it's not that way and I know it. He stays away from me if I am in my office so that's where I stay most of the time.

Mira needed art supplies for art class today so last night we went out to 4 or 5 different stores in Rehab to look for bottled white of white glue for paper mache. We didn't find it but found other glues she needed for art. I told her not to expect 3 months of this - I will get her what she needs but not what she wants.

I heard from Hassan this morning via email and it seems as though he is trying to pick up where he left off at work. He is also trying to find a place to stay for 3 months, however, the prices run approximately $2,000/month. Ouch! He is however on a waiting list for a lower priced apartment.

I told him that I'm learning how to use his mobile phone that he left in Egypt - it's a Motorola Razor. I love it, but it's a flip phone and I don't care for that part of it. It is great. Messaging is easy - using bluetooth is easy - everything about it is easy - except for the French owner's manual. No English. Oh well, I'm relying on Mira's teacher to show me because she has the same phone.

I am off today; took my day off, and Mira is at school. Debbie and I are going to run around Cairo today and try to get some things done. It should be fun and traffic shouldn't be too bad. At least it won't be completely and totally jammed like it is every night of the week. When do Egyptians sleep? It will take me forever to figure out the answer to this question.

I still haven't found any American coffee - it's been at least a week - for now it's instant Nescafe for me. I hope to find some today - Folgers, Maxwell House, aya hagga (anything) with an American label on it. Even the cheap Egyptian made "American" coffee will do at this point. Either the stores aren't stocking enough for demand or they aren't carrying the coffees anymore. I hope it's the first one. I know that instant coffee is lower in caffeine so I don't have the same type of buzz I'm used to having so early in the morning. Oh well. . .




Layla said...

Marian - This guy seems to be a real pain. Just avoid him as much as you can. You know how some Egyptian men are about these things. When they say these things "You are my sister" it means that they want a friendship and possibly more. Plus with you being American, he thinks he has a free range about saying that (you know the stereotype of American women). He just sounds like bad news.

I am glad Hassan is settled down in his work. Those apartment prices are crazy!!! I hope he finds something much cheaper.

So Motorola Razor phones are now in Egypt!! COOL!!! I have to get a new phone when I come back. I lost my old one. Maybe you can check online on how to work it. I will see if I can find something for you.

No American Coffee?!?! Ok, that is not right lol. Did you try Metro? I know Carrefour does carry Foldgers. The only other place I know is in Green Plaza in Alex. They have a supermarket in there with all imports. But I am sure you are not willing to travel to Alex for coffee lol.

Before I leave, if I have any room for anything I will let you know and I will pick up some things for you.

Take care and lots of hugs!!!

Marian said...

Layla - Yes the guy is a real pain in the ***. I stay as far away as possible. The motorola phone is great, but I like the Samsung D600 - check it out online. Really cool features - you know though Nokia dominates the market they're just too big and bulky for me. American coffee - hmm - haven't made it to Carrefour - I will try maybe this weekend. It's been raining here at night (say what??) yes. So we don't go out - you know how Egyptians respond to rain - like Americans to a blizzard - they freeze in the middle of the road. Hope you, Zane, and Mo are well. I keep you in my prayers, kollieoom (everyday). Ma'salaam.

Anonymous said...

carrefoure has it and so does several stores in maadi.

Marian said...

Thanks for the carrefour suggestion. I will try to make it there this weekend - I am not too familiar with Maadi but will be sure to stock up at Carrefour.