Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hassan's Travel Plans

So it is confirmed -- Hassan needs to be in Washington, DC by December 3 - that's the day he will start work. The contract is for three months. He wll return sometime in early March -- ahh, the sandstorm season in Cairo.

He is searching for a flight to DC without having to travel through JFK. He's not worried about packing -- just my shopping list (thank you Habibi!).

I cannot believe he will be leaving for three months. This is a surreal experience for me because we have never been apart from each other for more than a few weeks at a time. After almost 14 years of marriage, another first. How many more "firsts" am I going to experience in my lifetime? I do not know. I am always up for an adventure and a good time -- ask anyone who knows me, but the worry over him flying always stresses me to a breaking point.

Depending on his flight time, I may or may not be taking him to the airport here in Cairo. Actually we live 15 minutes from the airport, so it is not a big deal to drive him, but it is very emotional for Mira. It might be better for all of us if Shabaan drops him off.

Get out the winter coat, gloves and hat. It's going to be a cold transition from Cairo to DC.




Cairogal said...

Wishing Hassan a safe journey back to the US, M! It is hard to be apart, but 3 months can fly by quite quickly, though not always easily.

lifeAgift said...

what kind of work does hubby do that has him in DC for 3 months.

Was it not an option for you to travel with him?

Well safe travels to him.

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Marian said...

Cairogal - Thanks for the good wishes. I will post about my life without him - it will be interesting to say the least.

Lifeagift - Thanks for the comment. Hassan is an electrical engineer specializing in satellite technology - a brainiac. I could travel with him but would have to take Mira out of school and uproot us once again - something I am not willing to do right now. Thanks for the good wishes on his travel. I will check your blog and link you on my blog as well.


Karen said...

I hope Hassan has a safe journey to US. Let me know if he needs anything, and let me know HOW to GET UP with him, you know my email.... if not, let me know and I will email it to you. xoxo Karen

Marian said...

Karen - Of course Hassan will call you and get together with you. I told him already. He is looking forward to seeing you again. I don't have any phone numbers yet, but as soon as he arrives, I will let you know. Love, Marian