Thursday, November 02, 2006

Fun Day and Photos

We had a "fun day" at school today for the elementary and middle schools. It was nice because I was able to take my camera to work and snap a few photos of students. I just had to get a photo of my dear friend Reham and me. I call her "Spicy" because her sense of humor and personality is quite sharp. She calls me "Mimi" because she wants to.
Also is a picture of Mira who won an award for best costume in her class. She was really excited.

One of the Kindergarten teachers gave me a carved pumpkin - a jack'o lantern from the Kindergarten party. It really made me homesick - so a friend of mine
lit the pumpkin for me so I could see it light up. It was lovely. Thank you my friend.




Layla said...

Marian :)

Masha'Allah you look beautiful in your hijab!!! I just love the photos!

It is getting very cold here. Might have flurries this weekend! :O Do you miss the snow?

Love and lots of hugs!!

Marian said...

Thank you Layla! I put the hijab on July 3 on a trip to the North Coast and never once thought about taking it off.

You know, those of us born in western PA always miss snow. One of my sisters lives in your vicinity - will tell you more in a separate email.

I love your blog! Glad to hear all is well with Zane. Take care and relish the time with your Mom.

Miss you on this side of the world.

Ma'salaam and prayers.

Cairogal said...

Lovely pics!

Marian said...

Thanks! After seeing the photo of myself with Reham I'm glad I didn't leave school. peace.

Noblese said...

Hi there, came by chance to your blog and liked it.

Marian said...

Nobelese - thanks for reading my blog and commenting. I'm glad you visited. Ma'salaam

Anonymous said...

6 Nov 2006

Glad to see that you and Mira are well! Also glad you're still at work. We miss you.


Marian said...

Laura - We miss you too! Yes I'm still working - 4 days a week. Hope it works well for me and for the school. We will see. Love, Marian

Anonymous said...

hey aunt marian-
how are you? i hope everyone is doing well. everyine here is fine. andrew is busy playing his bass guitar (he's trying out for rock and roll revival #36 soon) and i'm staying busy with art honor society. i got my learner's permit! woo- hoo! i have some pictures on my my photo album if you feel like looking. they are at

since my grandma died in january, they're starting to split everything up. there's no more furniture in the house. no more rugs or pictures or anything. really, the only thing that is left is the piano, my aunt gina ad her two dogs. they're going to sell the farm. how is mirabell? tell her i miss her!!
well, i'm going to go out now. it's party time!

love to all,

Marian said...

My Dear Frances -- How are you?! I miss you so much! I have been thinking about looking you up on your site but just haven't been able to find it in my blog. Send it to me in email: Sounds like you all are very busy. Andrew in RRR #36?! I'm really old. I think I was in #9. How time flies. Learner's permit!? I hope you're not driving your Dad nuts with that. Remember his blood pressure. Mira misses you terribly. Uncle Hassan is probably coming to MD in the next two weeks for 90 days of work. We will see. I'll write more on the blog. I love you so much Frances. Please give your Mom and Dad a kiss for me and Peter and Andrew too. You are very dear to my heart. Love.

Karen said...

I have not been online for a week or so.. and low and behold, your pix.. you look GREAT!!!! I love the Hajib...
take care.... CALL ME or try to hook up with me when you get here..

Marian said...

Karen - thanks for the compliment. I think with the weight loss I've aged a lot. oh well, can't have everything. I would rather be less fat than fatter and look younger anyday. Love.