Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sometimes You Just Gotta Laugh

I returned to work this past Sunday after a week's vacation. I was supposed to have my first official day off, as I am going to work four days a week, but thought I ought to go in because it was such a long holiday and I didn't want the work to hit me hard on Monday when I returned to work. So I worked on Sunday, was going to take off Monday, then Tuesday, well, and now the rest of the week. I guess I'll start my new schedule next Sunday.

It has been absolutely crazy since the school re-opened after Eid. I knew it would be but not to such a drastic extent. First of all, there is a colleague of mine that is on "strike" meaning she is not working to make a point of getting paid what she deserves. OK, I understand her reasons for doing this, but it directly affects me because I share an office with her. Also, it is affecting the teachers because they have to cover her classes. She was literally sitting at her desk and just doing absolutely nothing. It was awful to see her there doing nothing, and I'm sure she didn't enjoy it either.

End of term exams have been taking place at school this week for the middle school and high school grades. The students are crazy, which makes some of us staff crazy. You know what happens to me when I get crazy? I get angry first, then frustrated, and by the end of the day, I just had myself a really good laugh with a friend of mine. It was the best way to end a school day, especially after a couple of days that have been unbelievably hectic.

First we started laughing about a project we're working on together, then we just started laughing about anything and everything else. I eventually forgot that it was time to go and check out the teachers for the day, so when I returned to my office, the teachers had made a list of names of people who left. I didn't care though, because I had a good laugh with a friend.

Sometimes you just gotta laugh.




Hajar said...

Keep laughing Sis,
It's good for your health as well as your sanity! ;)

Marian said...

Hajar - Thanks! It does the spirit a lot more good than I thought. Ma'salaam