Friday, November 24, 2006

And the countdown begins . . .

Hassan will leave at 4:00 a.m. on Friday morning, December 1. Fortunately I will not have to work so I can take him to the airport which is only 15 minutes away from my home. I will sleep the rest of Friday - as much as I can because I usually don't do well until he lands wherever he is headed.

I need to check out the TSA website for "allowed" and "not allowed" travel items as well as the whole carry-on baggage issue which has drastically changed since we traveled a year and a half ago.

Mira is very upset Hassan is leaving. She cries a lot and says "Daddy's not coming back." I try to comfort her as much as possible. Then I tell her that he's leaving to bring her back a lot of things that she wants (kind of, because everything is available here in Egypt). Mira's list includes PlayStation 3 (no way!) and Skecher tennis shoes (why? I don't know but I don't think she's getting them).

I've been having a lot of deja vous lately - I think I'm a little overwhelmed with everything going on here. Some people say that deja vous are a kind of hiccup in the brain, but I don't know for sure.



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