Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Insha'Allah it will all work out

Well, after thinking of leaving school and staying and leaving once again, I think it's all going to work out, Insha'Allah.

I spoke with the principal of the school and we agreed that we would try having me work 4 days a week instead of 5. I was asked if I would be interested in working 3 days a week. Honestly, I'm not a 3 day a week person. Either full-time or not at all. So I consider 4 days a week to be full-time, giving me an extra day off. My day off will be Sunday -- I left which day off up to the principal. She said that work builds up in the school day by day during the week that by Thursday it's really busy. I agreed.

I'm satisifed with this decision.

Regarding my week of pay from June -- it's not the money it's the principle of the matter, apparently my week of pay has been approved so many times I've gotten dizzy. Finally at the end of today I was told that the actual pay slip is on the desk of the owner to sign so I can get my money. Otherwise, I was going to request a week of in lieu of the week's pay. I could always use the extra time off.

The principal is looking to hire a secretary for the office to assist me in the daily responsibilities, but somehow, after interviewing 3 women, showing them around the school, and asking them if they're interested, they all answer "you have a lot of work to do. Your job is very demanding." No kidding. They all leave without ever contacting the principal again. Oh well, we will keep searching.

In Egypt schools usually pay in cash. However, this month the school decided to go with an ATM card to pay its employees. Payday was on the 15th, and hopefully the cards are working now. They haven't been working for two days already. Doesn't the school know that people have to take care of their families?

Since it is the last week of Ramadan and next week is Eid, the school will be closed next week giving the staff a well-deserved break. I hope that everything is straightened out before we begin our Eid vacation.




Karen said...

I think that you working a 4 day workweek might be a good idea... if you were off for 4 weeks and almost went nuts, not going to work each day for longer than that would drive you up a wall, and Hassan would be ready to ship you home in a cardboard box with holes in it to breathe... just kidding, but I don't think staying home for good would be a good thing for you. I know that you have blossomed having people around you and you need to have that... k

Cairogal said...

Well, I hope they get your week's pay sorted out before Eid. After all, everyone needs the extra cash this time of hte year!

Marian said...

Karen - you're right, hassan has the box ready to send me to the US already. I will work 4 days now. What a sigh of relief. Love you and miss you terribly!

Marian said...

Cairogal, I got my pay and I got my extra week! Good things DO happen during Ramadan. I thought I would never get the $$.

Cairogal said...

Mabrouk!! That's great news, Marian!