Saturday, June 24, 2006

Fajr Prayer (Dawn Prayer/1st Prayer of the Day)

Mira spent the night at Jasmine's. This was quite an accomplishment for her because last time she was supposed to spend the night she ended up calling me at 11:30 p.m. crying saying she missed me and wanted to come home. We don't live far from Jasmine. We are literally at opposite ends of the sidewalk. So, Alhamdulillah she finally spent the night without us. While she was there, apparently, she woke up at 4 a.m. to do the Fajr prayer. SobhanAllah!

Mira asked me the afternoon before if we are supposed to get up for the Fajr prayer. I said, "Well, you can wait until you wake up." Actually, I was wrong. We are supposed to get up for the prayer then go back to sleep. I need to tell Mira the truth and not put my own spin on things.

Hassan was very pleased to hear Mira got up for the Fajr prayer. Actually, what I think happened was Jasmine and Mira stayed up all night and when Fajr rolled around, she heard the Adhan and wanted to pray. Anyone who is awake for Fajr prayer would want to pray.

There is peace whenever the Adhan is heard, but for some reason, especially at dawn.

The Adhan for Fajr is a voice crying out in the desert reminding us that God is ever present; and it is our duty to remember Him.




UmmLayla said...

Ahhh,so true. The adhan pulls you in... And fajr is a special time. You remind me why I have always pushed to be in Egypt once the kids are older.

Marian said...

It is certainly a feeling in the heart, isn't it. Something you have to experience to believe and understand. Ma'salaam, Marian

Anonymous said...

ماريانا صباح الورد
حقيقى انا لا أستطيع ان أوصف لكى مدى سعادتى بالشرح الجميل والتعبير الرائع لوصفك وأحساسك بالآذان الذى تسمعيه فى الفجر فهذا هو الأيمان الحقيقى الذى يبعث الطمأنينة فى قلوبنا بأن الله معنا فى كل شىء
شكرا ماريان
مع السلامة
جمال مرسال

Marian said...

Hassan translated your comment to me. Thank you. Ana maksufa when it comes to sharing how I feel.

Anonymous said...

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