Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Enjoying Time with Hassan's Family

On Saturday, we went to HyperOne a really large superstore in 6th of October City - on the other side of Cairo from where we live. We had a great time. I found more candles that I used to buy at Kohl's and they were only 12 LE a piece. It makes me feel a little better when I find in Egypt what I used to enjoy in the US - namely, candles.

After HyperOne, we took some fresh samak (fish) and went to Uncle Yehia's and Aunt Fatma's to eat. Maya was there with her husband and son, Mohamed, who is adorable. Also, Maya's brother, Ashraf was there, visiting from Sharm where he works, along with his Russian wife, Tanya, and their son Taimor (a type of mango in Egypt). We ate fish and enjoyed our time with them.

I love Aunt Fatma and Uncle Yehia. They are very welcoming and although sometimes there's a communications gap between the Arabic and English, we always manage to understand each other -- personalities communicate more than language sometime.

Ashraf's wife, Tanya, on the other hand, was very quiet. Hardly spoke at all. Tanya met Ashraf in Sharm, and I guess the only way they communicate is through English. Their son, Taimor, is two, and hardly speaks at all. I know he's processing the languages.

Hassan tried to talk to Tanya, saying, "What language to do you speak to Taimor, English? Tanya said "No, Russian of course, why should I teach him English. He has no need for it. He can learn it in school. Besides it's an easy language to speak." Whoaa! I didn't say anything, and caught myself in one of my "Martha" (one of my sisters-in-law) moments, and just ignored the statement. Other than that, Tanya didn't speak; not even to Aunt Fatma.

How could anyone not speak to Aunt Fatma (and Yehia for that matter). This woman welcomes everyone into her home, and even though she is very ill, she still insists on cooking for everyone, waiting on everyone, and shooing me out of the kitchen when I want to wash the dishes. If I were to wash the dishes she would say "I am very angry at you." And then smile at me.

After we ate and we were sitting in the living room, Aunt Fatma sat next to me on the sofa and leaned up against me so she could put her feet up. I hugged her and just relished the moment that we shared. Tanya was just staring at me.

I always got along with Aunt Fatma. I will never forget how she welcomed us when I first met her three years ago on vacation. She said to me, "Hassan is my son, and you are my daughter." How can anyone not love a woman whose heart is as big as the sky?

I enjoy the times we spend together and hold them dear in my heart.




Anonymous said...

Just got caught up on your blog entries and congratulations on getting all the html sorted (and thank you to your helpful friends). It sounds like you have a great network of family and friends to share YOUR big heart and kindness with. I'll bet Aunt Fatma gives good, mom-type hugs:)As always hugs to all of you, Maggie's Mom

Marian said...

Yes, Aunt Fatma gives big MOM hugs. They are certainly two of the same kind just from different parts of the world. You know I spoke of her before how she and I got along without having to say a word. There is that special feeling of walking in her home; you know that feeling :) Hugs to Maggie and you and the hubby Love, Marian

Karen said...

Hey, I finished my first house... I am doing a job in Silver Spring and the man that I am working on the home for was a former priest during the 60's, nice man.
I am glad that you got the blog fixed. I read it every day or try to... that funky thingy that was going on was hard to read...lol... I am planning to take a month of in the next few weeks.... I hope. Luke is growing... I will have to send you an email with pix... we went to Disney for his 6th birthday... exhausting but fun... I have some really good pix of that too... Mira is growing and I hope that Aunt Fatma is doing well... Let me know how her cancer is doing.... I have not heard since we originally spoke of it.. has it come back? I hope not... take care, love and lots of hugs to all of you... I am glad that you are doing well.... enjoy the summer.... I wish I could do so right now... xoxoxo Karen

Me said...

Just wanted to say that your posts really touch me...I really like the way you perceive things and write...your fajr post was beautiful and written with such passion...God bless you and your loving family...

Marian said...

Thanks for keeping up with me through the blog. I am not very good with email but hopefully will return to a regular schedule in writing emails. HB to Luke! Big boy is 6 already!? Wow. Amazing isn't it? Let me know how Matt is doing. Miss hearing about him. Disney was a great gift for Luke. I am sure you all enjoyed it. I hope Jim did too. Best of luck in your business -- can't wait to see the finished products! Say hi to all! Also, tell your quilting group that I think of them often. Hugs, Marian

Marian said...

Living Life (aka Me): Thanks for the comments about my blog. It is a good way for me to jot down my thoughts about living in Egypt and all that it encompasses as you well know. I have read your blog too, but will be sure to add it to my links. I express my thoughts and feelings much more clearly through the written word rather than the spoken word. Ma'salaam.