Tuesday, June 20, 2006

"Alfa Shukran" (thank you, Egyptian Style)

Alfa Shukran! to Mody a friend of Gamal's who was able to get into my html and fix my blog by deleting the Links. I will have to slowly add one link at a time and figure out where the mistake was made. I know the mistake was made when I got too confident in playing with my blog. Some things are best left alone -- you know, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

I have never met Mody, but Gamal is one of Hassan's best friends and these guys would do anything in the world for anyone; and let us not forget Shabaan and Ehab as well. I count Mody as my new friend who helped me without knowing me, generously taking out of his own time to fix my ever so little and humble blog.

Thank you, Alfa Shukran Mody and Gamal!




mody said...

i'm very happy to have afriend like u & if u need eny help in your blog don't be late to ask me and i will be very happy
ma3 elsalama.

Marian said...

You are very kind to offer your help. I may ask you the next time I think I can do it all by myself.

Anonymous said...

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