Sunday, June 18, 2006


I'm reading a book entitled "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini. This book is what one would call a fictional biography.

The story begins in Afghanistan in the 1970's and follows through the Soviet invasion of the country, followed by the Taliban and the factions that were fighting up to June 2001 -- where I currently am in the book.

The story is about a boy whose name is Amir. He talks about his relationship with his father, how he lost his mother in childbirth and how he cannot live up to his father's expectations. Woven throughout the story Amir is reminded of a deep dark secret he holds inside his entire life, and how he wants to make everything right again by confessing his secret.

I borrowed the book from my friend, Debbie, since she just finished it and said that I have to read it -- Yeah, sure I thought. Well, let me tell you it is heart-wrenching.

I never thought this story would fascinate me in the least, nor did I think that I would identify with this story; not so much my relationsihp with my father, but more the secrets we all hold inside each and every one of us -- feeling bad about our past and hoping for redemption -- trying to make things right again with each other and with Allah.

Amir's father is not religious at all -- but raises his son on the right path to follow Allah.

The novel speaks of the horrendous conditions refugees endure on a daily basis and how they put all their hopes and dreams into escaping their countries they have called home their entire lives. Refugees do not become refugees by choice, but rather by force escaping their political, social and religious surroundings.

Pray for the refugees of this world.




Hajar said...

I have that book lying on my bookshelf, but I've never even opened it!

Marian said...

It is definitely worth reading. It continues to take unexpected twists and turns.

val said...

I read this book last winter. It was fascinated by the story etc. Very well written.


Marian said...


Great to hear from you! I was floored with this book - couldn't stop reading, fell asleep reading it. Got any suggestions for my next book - to keep in line with the one I just read? Love, Marian