Saturday, April 15, 2006

Rumblings in my Tummy

Somehow I've managed to have off and on tummy trouble over the past few weeks. I am trying to figure out if I've been eating differently, or not washing my hands enough.

I keep my hands very clean -- Monk in my own way -- always taking soap and a towel with me to the bathroom -- no paper products are provided at school.

I wash my fruit and vegetables as best I can before eating -- and usually eat homecooked food for the most part.

A friend of mine, Debbie, says it's quite common to get a viral infection -- amoebae (sp?) in the body. She used to get them quite frequently while she was living in Sharm. There isn't a whole lot I can do other than stay away from the Immodium and let nature take its course. I got some medicine from the pharmacy last night and the man looked at me in sympathy. I guess I wasn't looking my best.

I've spent the entire weekend lying down and now it's time to go back to work tomorrow for another week of school.

Insha'Allah it will be over by tomorrow morning and I'll be back to my old self.




Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of the tummy trouble; hopefully it will go away soon! Thought of you this evening when I watched "so it is written, so it shall be done" on tv; filmed entirely on location :) The only location that movie saw was a soundstage in California. Missing you and all our little jokes. Love, Lainie

Karen said...

I hope you are feeling better. We have a tummy thingy going on here too... We go to Disney next Friday for Luke's 6th.. YES 6th Birthday... does not seem that long ago... Anyway, hope you feel better soon and I will take an imodium for you.. how's that? xoxo