Sunday, April 16, 2006

It's Easter Sunday in America

Some of my fondest memories of my parents surrounds the holiday seasons and Easter is no exception. I remember wonderful Easters at home, whether it was in Johnstown or Olney, when we would get the food ready for Easter Sunday.

The food would include hard boiled eggs, kolbassi (the best is Froelich's in Johnstown), homemade cheese, horseradish, and the ever present holupki with saurkraut; oh and don't forget the "pink stuff" which is a jello salad made with cool-whip, any red jello on-hand, crushed pineapple, and a graham cracker crust. Somehow we would manage to eat the pink stuff with the holupki -- it sounds a little gross, but actually all the flavors blended together to make the taste buds dance.

I hold the title in my family for the best holupki. Of course I do, because Grandma Tomera's idea of picnic food was cooking a huge pot of holupki and mashed potatoes. Anna lives!

It is Easter in the Roman calendar, and Palm Sunday in the Orthodox calendar, which many Egyptians follow because they are Coptic Christians. I am not familiar with Egyptian traditions, but will always hold my parents' traditions deep in my heart, along with fond memories of the years we spent together around the dining room table.




Anonymous said...

Thinking of you too as I prepare my much smaller and simpler Easter table this year. I'm making the pink jello in a day or two when Laura arrives. Then we'll have another Easter meal. No holupki on my table this year; it doesn't hold a candle to yours! Love, Lainie

Marian said...

Lainie - oh come on, the holupki just takes a couple of tries. Have some pink stuff for us - think of Mira when you're eating it. I think I can make it here -just need to get all the ingredients.
Love, Marian

Anonymous said...

16 April 2006

Marian -

May the peace of the Risen Lord be with you!


Karen said...

Happy Easter... I am not sure if the Holupki is the same as my grandma's Gulumpki... cabbage with meat/rice/tomato stuff? If so, I don't want the recipe... lol.. her's was not very good. We fought over who would get served last since she never made enough to serve everyone... Aunt Rose was a much better cook.. that was her sister in law.. God Bless their souls, they definitely cooked a lot of Kielbasa and other things that were really good... Take care, love and miss you,