Saturday, April 02, 2005

Saying Good-bye

On Wednesday, March 30, my Dad, two sisters, Laura and Elaine, and Elaine's daughter (my niece), Maggie, who is 16 months old, came down to see us. (Hassan was working.)

It was such a beautiful day. The sun was shining, there was a warm breeze, and we just enjoyed each other's company. Maggie was wearing a new outfit we gave her; she looked beautiful. Mira was all over Maggie who was all over Mira . . .

Dad treated us to Randy's barbecue for lunch; it was good. Just about everyone took a turn at riding the scooter, even Laura. (I have photos, Laura, if the sisters ever need them.)

When it was time to leave, Dad sang a song that sounded like a WWII song. Then the crying started. As Laura said, it was heart-wrenching, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. Few words were spoken, but many things were said with the tears we shared.

It reminded me of Garth Brooks singing "The Dance."

The next day, Thursday, Tom and his daughter (my niece) Frances came down to pick up some things. We spent some time together just talking after the things were packed in the van. I told Tom that we may make rounds to say good-bye before we leave, but he said that it's ok if we don't because he understands everything we're going through. So many things can be said through the few words spoken.

After all it's not good-bye, just "I'll see you when I see you."



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