Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Happy Birthday Hassan!

Happy Birthday, Hassan! April 4th seemed so far away and now it's almost over. I hope that with our move, Hassan has 100 more birthdays, or as they say in Polish, "Stolat!"

Tonight's our last night in "our" house. It's been an incredible run with the great memories we've made at 4305 Stillwater Lane.

In keeping with our move, this may be my last post for awhile. We will be packing up the computer (again) and getting it ready to go.

We fly out of Dulles on Friday afternoon and will switch planes in Milan, Italy, then onto Cairo. I am somewhat nervous about flying (Hassan gets a kick out of it, really).

Please keep us in your dua's as we travel and make our way to Egypt. Insha'Allah I will write from Cairo shortly after we land.

Ma3salaama and love to all,



Layla said...

Marian :)

Happy Birthday Hassan!!! Wow I can't believe that you will be flying on Friday!! Seems like yesterday you were almost ready to get your house on the market. Time flies...

Mo and I will definetly keep you all in our dua's and Insha'Allah you will arrive here safely. Don't worry about the flying. Once you are in the air, just relax and rest. You deserve it.

Take care and hope to see you soon here in Egypt!

Salaams and lots of hugs,

Marian said...


Thanks for the Happy Birthday wish. Yes, our day is arriving quite quickly and we are all a flutter (sp?)(well, exhausted, but a flutter). You know all about it, you left in December and it was only yesterday, wasn't it? Thanks for your prayers. Insha'Allah we will see you soon.

Ma3salaama and love,


Deb Hassaan said...

asalaamu alaikum


I am so excited for you. I will remember you and your lovely family in my dua.

PS: Get some ice cream in Italy if you can!

UmmLayla said...

Insha'Allah your trip will be quick and easy for all of you. You are in my duas!

This is the best part really because once you close the door and head to the airport there is just nothing more to be done. You can relax because there is no way to do one more thing. It's all water under the bridge now!LOL


Karen Jenners said...

Hey, I am hoping Maryam see's this. I do not have any phone numbers to reach her or addresses in Egypt... SEND THEM!!!! I will miss all of you... HAPPY BIRTHDAY HASSAN!!! I hope you call once you get to Cairo... I miss you already... you girls take care of them out there... Salaams and lots of hugs... Karen

Layla said...

Marian :)

Hope you are doing alright. Getting a little worried about you!!! I know the jet-lag is killer, so I hope you are taking it easy. I will email you shortly with my numbers.

Salaams and lots of hugs,