Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Ready . . . Set . . . Go!

We purchased our airline tickets today. Wow, what a relief! We are leaving on the 8th of April instead of the 7th because it will give us one more day of tying up loose ends. Hassan will pick up the tickets on Friday when he goes to work. The travel agent is not far from his office.

Hassan called the Futures School in El Rehab this morning. Apparently we will be able to enroll Mira in the remainder of 1st grade in Egypt (the month of May) and she will take the final exam along with everyone else as long as we obtain permission from the Ministry of Education. So, I need to call Mira's school here in Maryland and get a copy of her transcript along with a letter stating that she has been in school and is a student in good standing. Alhamdulillah. This education hurdle has been just that for at least a year. Every time we thought about moving to Egypt "Mira's school" was always the one topic that would derail us from moving. Now there is no turning back and we are moving ahead as planned.

The rocker is disassembled (a little scary to look at honestly) but ready to go in a box along with the quilts and comforter. I have all the photos in order and ready to go. Wow, what a lot of pictures. I'll probably go through them a little more before they end up being shipped. No sense in paying customs or postage on photos if they're just going to be thrown out.

Hassan spoke with Aunt Olfat today. We told her that we will arrive in Cairo on April 9 at 2:15 p.m. She said she will be there to greet us, but we asked her to stay home because she is still recuperating from radiation treatments. We told her that she will be our first stop after arriving in the airport.

Mira was invited to an ice cream party at school this evening for completing at least seven activities in her school's literacy quest. I keep calling it "literary quest" and she keeps correcting me. She is going along with three other boys in her class. She is the only girl in her class who completed the assignment. Each class will be represented by students who completed the assignment.



Layla said...

Marian :)

I am finally able to post lol. Glad all the kinks are out and back to normal again.

I am so happy that you purchaced ur tickets!! I bet you feel like things are coming together...and so finalized. Thats how I felt when I got my ticket. :)

Glad that Mira can attend school for the last month of school. At least she will get the feel of school life before the new school session starts. How does she feel about going to school in Egypt?

Gotta check the beef on the stove. Take care!!

Salaams and lots of hugs,

Marian said...


The tickets make our move a reality. Now I completely understand how you felt when you received your airline ticket.

Mira's really excited about going to school in Egypt. We are glad she will be able to experience school before summer.

Ma3salaama and love,


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