Friday, March 11, 2005

A little bit of everything and nothing

There is something going on with my blog. I don't know exactly what it is but I may have to re-work the blog. I thought it was my pc, ran ad-aware and deleted all the "tags" but still have problems with the blog.

Hassan bought the airline tickets today. He has them with him at work. He said it was a 2 mile walk each way to the travel agent in DC from his office (the office seemed closer to his office than it actually was, I guess). I told him to get used to it because we'll be walking quite a bit after we move.

Mira came home from school today and seems to be in a good mood. We need to finish the "Malcolm Author Book" assignment. She is writing a book about traveling to Egypt. I'm going to help her put it together with the scrapbook supplies and stickers.

It is really difficult to cook dinner at this point because I just don't have the energy to clean-up. So, I need to think of some quick dinners for Hassan when he gets home from work.




Layla said...

Marian :)

Yeah!! Finally able to post. Was trying like crazy and finally gave up lol. I think Blogger was doing some server work.

LOL tell Hassan we walk EVERYWHERE!!! Yes, it was a pain at first (as my legs and ankles were the size of an elephant lol), but got used to it. Good tip: Buy really good walking shoes. I wear my Nikes with everything (including my abaya). I can't wear anything else cause the roads are not that great. I did wear my cute black dressy shoes to Carrefour the first time I wore my abaya...and my poor feet were so sore when I got home lol.

Don't worry about ur dinners. I bet they are great. I know there are times when I dont have the time (or energy) to cook..Then thats when I make speghetti lol. Easy and Mo loves it.

Salaams and lots of hugs,

Marian said...


I sure hope blogspot got their server straightened out.

I know my feet will be like basketballs after getting off the plane -- Hassan's too. That's the awful part about flying.

I'm looking for my Lands' End mocs but they don't make them right now. Bummer, so I'll get some good walking shoes. We will be 3 flights up so stairclimbing will be a part of my daily exercise. I'm like you, my shoes must be comfortable. Style sure is nice but it doesn't compare with comfort.

As far as the food is concerned, I just need to cook something that will last several days. I think one day in the kitchen making mousakka will pay off.

Ma3salaama and love,


Karen said...

Hey, I finally get to read your blog... I did not know what this word was until a couple of weeks ago.... Egypt! What an ADVENTURE... I am jealous.... I am glad that Hassan is shipping the chair, I know it means a lot to you.. I will miss you, but Layla sounds like she is going to take good care of you. I am putting your blog on my favorites so that I don't lose it... xoxox Luke sends his love to all... me too.

Marian said...


I am so glad you found the blog! Welcome to a whole new world of communicating. Be sure to check out Layla's blog too.