Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Isn't the school year over yet?!!

Tomorrow is Mira's last day of regular school. It's been one long exhausting disappointing school year. I am restraining myself from writing about the school and everything that went wrong this year.  Mira is finishing 6th grade. She starts her "exams" next week so she will go to school from 8:00 to 10:00 everyday with a different exame everyday.   I just want her to finish - get it over with - begin summer vacation. I'm tired of the school. I'm the one burned out.  The school year was very strange. It was almost the school year that wasn't because of the swine flu.  Hopefully the next school year won't begin until after Ramadan, which will be mid-September.

Come on summer vacation - I want to sleep in!!




April said...

Enjoy your summer! Hopefully sometime during the break we can get together! We are already adjusted to our "summer schedule" going to America next week I shouldn't suffer from that much jet lag.

Marian said...

April - Thanks! I always think about how we can meet. I hope you have a great trip to the US - Insha'Allah you have great weather and a great time. You shouldn't have too much jet lag but you might find yourself a little cold having adjusted to the Egyptian heat. hope you will be here for Ramadan. It really is something special. Please keep in touch. I will message you through FB. Kiss Sarah for me. Love.

April said...

Thanks Marian, I agree there is something magical about Ramadan in Egypt, this will be our third Ramadan spent here, insha'Allah. I was looking at the weather for back home and was surprised to see temps in the low 50's to 40's at night....I'll need my