Sunday, May 02, 2010

A Day at the Beach

A warm spring day at the beach in Alexandria, Egypt.  

The weather is great this time of year in Alexandria. Actually, the weather in Alexandria is great every time of year. The sun is hot already so sunscreen is a must, even though you might forget about it when you feel the cool sometimes cold breeze sweep across your face, carrying with it the sea mist which makes you want to sit on the sand forever, forgetting all your responsibilities.   

On any given day at the beach you will experience all sorts of things for sale on the beach including: seafood, sweets, beach toys, clothes, and even fresh tea (shay) served in Egyptian porcelin. 

Fisherman walk up and down the beach selling fresh fish  (samak) and shrimp (gambari). (Photo left) People are negotiating the price of the seafood with the fishermen.  (Photo right) The particular fish that is being sold is quite sweet.

Mira and Sara buying fresca sweets.  The big round wafer is similar to an unsweetened old fashioned ice cream cone with a light slather of honey in between layers. It is very light and refreshing.  Many of the sweets sold include honey and coconut.  

I never look forward to going home. The only consolation I have is the knowing that I will return to the Mediterranean very soon. Insha'Allah.




thomas said...

The beach looks nice,what is the temperature out there?

Marian said...

The temperature is about 25 C.

thomas said...

Oh!that's much better compared to my place in Malaysia which is normally about 30~35C all year round.

Colls said...

I love looking at ur pictures :) Glad to see you are posting again. Post again soon cause I miss you!!!

Marian said...

Colleen - Thanks for reading my blog. I am trying to move forward and why not? Life is too short. I'm waiting for you in Alexandria :-) xoxo to Zane

April said...

I love Alex too Marian, I keep asking my husband for that to be our final "home" here in Egypt.....pray for me, I need out of Belbies!