Monday, January 04, 2010

"It is not the possibility of returning home which feeds nostalgia, but the impossibility of it."

I have been trying to figure out how I've been feeling lately about so many different things. I am trying to deal with continuing to live in Egypt - if I go back to the US how will I fit in, how will Mira fit in?  I think Hassan would fit in better than any of us.  This morning on Facebook I found a terrific article posted by a group I belong to named "Cross Cultural Kids Everywhere."  They posted an article by The Economist where they talk about trying to fit in - and how being away from one's home country makes them feel more like an exile rather than a foreigner in another country.

Anyone who has ever lived in another country can identify with this article.  It really makes me cry.

Please read the article and maybe you will understand what I am going through.




April said...

Great article Marian! Can't wait to get together soon! I think making good friends make being away from "home" so much easier.....(((HUGS)))....

Anonymous said...

Found you through NPR. SO glad I did!!!

Anonymous said...

Salaam alaikum Marian . I have so come to enjoy your post on you blog . I can identify with every word an feeling you have expressed . My family and I hope to live in Egypt this summer is our goal to move once and for all after several years of trying . Of course we have many many questions about everything as we will be transplanting three children and are concerned about how all of this will effect them most of all .I hope that you will come to a descion about where you will be and stay . Insha'Allah you will find what you heart is looking for . I just hope that I can adjust as well as you have and that my children can do as you daughter did .
Kay Mokbel

Marian said...

April - You know I posted the article for all us "WOEs" and "WOMEGs" (wives of Egyptians and Foreign women living in Egypt). I am not a fan of cutting and pasting other articles on my blog, but I felt this was important. I can't wait to get together with you.

Anonymous - Thanks for the compliment about my blog. Let me know if you have any questions about Egypt - the general ins and outs.

Kay - Thanks for adding me on FB too. Let me know if you have questions about schools, shipping anything from the US, getting around, etc. I don't know how well I've adjusted but I think it's a survival of the fittest mentality when it comes to living as a foreign woman in Egypt - regardless if your husband is Egyptian or not. I look forward to being friends with you.

April said...

Marian, I share articles all the time that I find....especially those I think others may benefit from (like this one)....or maybe get a much needed laugh ya sister!!!