Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Reality

I cannot believe the reverse culture shock I am experiencing right now. It is overwhelming to think how we used to live our lives -- how isolated we were from the rest of the world; thinking a certain way; acting a certain way. I want to run right back to Cairo where I feel more at home and at ease even though I am the foreigner. Right now I feel as though I am a foreigner in my own country - I never thought I would feel this way.

We are staying in Hassan's apartment which is a 1 bedroom flat in a decent urban area of Maryland less than 1 mile outside Washington, DC. It is rather small, and while I thought I had a difficult time adjusting to life in Egypt moving from a house to an apartment, staying in Hassan's apartment has given me a new appreciation for my apartment in Cairo.

The weather here has not been cooperating with my wishes - in fact the weather is behaving exactly the opposite of weather in Cairo. It has been cloudy everyday with rain off and on. While I haven't seen many thunderstorms, I wish it would storm to break the humidity. All of this is wishful thinking of course because if we do get a thunderstorm the heat and humidity will just build up again to produce another storm. Ah the great weather cycle of the mid-Atlantic States of July.




Layla/Colls said...

Marian - I am so sorry that things are not great for you here. I can soooo relate to what you are going through right now. It amazes me how simple things were there...where my only thought was what to make for dinner and where we would go out afterwards. I still feel this way today. I miss Egypt :( Life here is to darn complicated.

Yes, the weather has not been great. The humidity is CRAZY!!! Hopefully we will have better weather soon.

Try and focus on the positive things that surround you. Hopefully the positives outweigh the negatives.

Love you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey You! I am going to S.S. tomorrow, Tues... let me know if you want to meet again at the same place... I will have Luke with me... call me, or email if you can tonight... Karen KJ

Anonymous said...

Marian -
How long are you here in the states for? Email me if you want to get together.

Anonymous said...

How long are you in the states for?

Don't you just love the humidity? LOL! I live in PA (Philadelphia burbs) and the humidity is just to much. Especially when you are coming from the desert dry climate and now in this weather.

Hang in there!