Monday, April 21, 2008

Catching Up on Life

Because it's been quite awhile since my last post I thought I would spend this post just writing about a little bit of everything.

1. The Democratic Nominee in the US Presidential Campaign has not yet been decided. I keep asking myself when it will all be over.... well tomorrow, the Pennsylvania primary will take place so one way or another it will all be come to a close. I just want the democrats to know that as they fight with each other John McCain is gaining ground against both of them.

2. My friend Layla moved to the US two years ago now (?) to give birth to her beautiful son. I am happy that life is getting better for Layla. No more to be said.

3. Hassan was here for 2 1/2 weeks and brought me a laptop. I didn't ask for it and honestly didn't know if I wanted one, but now that I have it I absolutely love it. So if I hit the wrong key just know I'm still getting used to the new keypad. I get frustrated because it is very sensitive but there is no way I will ever return it.

4. Layla recently wrote in her blog that she is addicted to myspace. I will not even venture into myspace because I am completely addicted to facebook. It's terrible. I play games, chat, send all sorts of things to friends and all that good stuff. But the best part of being on facebook now is that I am getting to know the many women with whom I became friends when I was in the planning stages of moving to Egypt. They are absolutely wonderful.

5. I finally got bafta (fiber) for quilting so I have no more excuses in terms of not finishing the quilts I started 1 1/2 years ago. The downside of the bafta (fiber or batting) is that it is sold by the roll and not the meter. So I have 8 meters of it sitting in my flat.

6. Lisa has been very patient while Hassan was here. Thanks Lisa.

7. If you are in the US reading this, please look beyond the US media to get your news. So much is going on around the world that the US media does not report. It is important to form your own opinions -- don't let the US media feed you what THEY want U to know. Finding a variety of news sources on the internet from all different perspectives is a good thing.




Beachhutman in Beijing said...

Hey. I know a Layla on Myspace!
But it's true about reporting world news "back home". I'm lucky (maybe as a Brit) to get the BBC world service on internet, which is sort of balanced, but with the usual appalling BBC bias! (They STILL find it hard to accept their pal Mugabe is an utter Bastard or that "Commie" China is actually doing somethings right)

Beachhutman in Beijing said...

Oh, Layla Astley. Song writer. Check her out.

Colls said...

Marian - :) Thank you so much for mentioning me in your blog. Things here are so profoundly better since we last spoke. It's such a blessing.

Laptops are WONDERFUL!!! :) I use one and love it. It is a little tricky at first, but you will get it in no time. Plus it would be nice to go to some coffee shops with it (free wireless internet).

I am still working out all the kinks on my Myspace page. I still like Facebook more, but the more I work on Myspace, the more I like it. Plus I found some wonderful friends I lost touch with. So it worked out for the best.

I do know what you mean about the media here in the USA. I like watching BBC or CNN myself. But do like the local news to see what is going on in Pittsburgh. I honestly rather read news online for a more real perspective on what is going on in the news.

I am so glad that all is going well with you in Egypt. I hope we get to see each other when you come to the USA this summer!!! :D

Love and Hugs to you and M,

Marian said...

beachhutman (good name by the way) - I will look into the songwriter you mentioned.

Layla (Colls) - You and I share a very special bond in so many different ways. I would have never made it living in Egypt this long if it hadn't been for your sharing of stories and personal experiences.

I am so glad to hear that things are looking up for you and your family. I know there are ups and downs and overall we - and I mean that literally, need to put it all in perspective.

I will look into myspace although I'm a bit skeptical. I am the type of person who tends to turn left when everyone turns right.

I am glad you re-connected with some people on myspace. It feels good to get in touch with friends from our youth.

We WILL get together this summer. I don't care where you are living, I will make my way to see you and Zane. If there is anything you or Mo need from Egypt just let me know. We plan on being in the US sometime after school ends which is June 25.

Hugs to you all, Marian

April said...

I too am a little scared of checking out myspace, one reason I guess is my 13 year old son is really into it!! LOL, I feel so safe with facebook. It would be cool to also get together when you are back in PA, Layla gave me the same support when I found out I was pregnant again, when my two older kids were 10 and 11 (now 12 and 13) AHHHHH! I give much thanks to all you online friends, you keep me going everyday!

Marian said...

April - I am so glad you posted on my blog. I feel the exact same way about you too. Honestly I don't know how I make it sometimes except for the fact that I have such strong women like yourself who remind me that I am strong too. I would love to get together with you in the US when I'm visiting this summer. If there is anything you need from here just let me know. love. Marian

Karen said...

Hey, I have a facebook and never use it, but have Myspace and stay on it... I do not know what to do with facebook, so I stay away... email me with your info to get in and I will get online with you.
I try to read other than the US news. I think the media wants to feed us alot of something other than the truth. The problem is, most of the Americans out there are addicted to the biased news and it seems to be like reading the Enquirer anymore, the more sensational and unreal it is the better coverage it will get. I take it all with a big salt lick... heck with a grain of salt... lol..
I can't wait until you come for the summer, that lake house has your name in big letters on it.
I also have some quilt stuff I am doing. Let me know if you want some fabric to play with. I have loads... lol.. what else is new.... :)
Give Mira a hug and kiss for me, Tell Hassan Hello and here is a big xoxoxoxoxo to you too.

Anonymous said...

frances turned 18 (yes 18) and graduates on friday june 6.