Thursday, February 21, 2008

Being Muslim

I don't think being Muslim is a bad thing. On the contrary Islam teaches compassion and understanding, tolerance and recognizing peoples differences. Islam does not discriminate on the color of skin or one's ethnic background. In Islam, people are all the same.

According to the latest American presidential election, however, being Muslim is a very bad thing. Barack Obama is trying to distance himself far from Islam even though his father was Muslim and he still has family in Africa that is Muslim.

So what is wrong with the recent photos of Barack Obama being shown wearing Arab-style garb or Hilary Clinton in a hijb-style scarf? Nothing at all. I see it as being used against Muslims rather than showing tolerance, understanding and respect.

This has really been bothering me lately, especially with Hilary Clinton being on the talk-show circuit on the American news channels saying that Barack Obama is in fact a Christian. So what? Does it matter if one is a Christian, Muslim or Jew? I guess it does matter if the candidate is trying to win the votes of the American majority to gain the Democratic party's nominee.

I can't help but think how many Muslim Americans are looking for the best candidate that shares their values and wants their children to grow up in a country and world that understands and respects their religion -- Islam.

It doesn't matter whether one is Republican or Democrat because I think that Islam covers both areas. Muslims are socially democratic at the base, but at the same time have a lot of Republican qualities, which leaves them somewhere in the middle.

In a world that is shrinking by the hour in terms of communicating with people from all over the world, it would do the candidates a world and universe of good to cater to ALL people; not just singling out one's Muslim family and trying to band-aid it.




Us.. said...

Well, I had to say, I'm 100% agree with you!

Marian said...

us - thanks.

EVA said...

Wonderful post--I did a shorter version on my PEACENIK blog, but you wrote exactly how I feel. The whole situation really upsets me.

Marian said...

Eva - Great minds think alike. I have yet to post your PEACENIK blog on my listings. I have problems w/ my blog right now - notice the date of my post it's wrong. Peace.

Cairogal said...

I think it's very much indicative of the mindset of many Americans, and cartoons like the one above (which look like the work of the right wing to me)communicate something very well: Obama cannot be trusted because not only is he Muslim but lies about being Muslim. I hate to say this, but Muslim democrats are the ones being played here more than anyone.

The Republican party is also going to play the "democrats are soft on terrorism" card once the race is up and running. What better way to do that than tell people that he's secretly a Muslim?

I don't like this cartoon because I think much of it is factual. Do you know what the source is, M? It would be interesting to see who is behind this.

I should add qualify all of this by saying that I'm not sure who I like more (or less) in this race. I would just hate to see a candidate blacklisted by the Muslim AMerican voting community because false information was spread about a candidate w/ the sole itention of making s/he look like a Muslim/security concern/would-be terrorist. I don't think the Muslim American community are the ones who are targeted w/ this ad. The intent is to scare all voters who might be swayed.

Marian said...

CG - You are absolutely right. The artist is from the Baltimore, Maryland which is an overwhelmingly Democratic State. I think you can visit the artist's website at, not that I want to give him any publicity but it shows his work on other politicians such as Joe Biden regarding his two brain surgeries, and John Edwards being depicted as Jed Clampett driving the rickety old truck. Peace.

Anonymous said...

I agree that he is backing away from his muslim background and I don't know exactly why.

Only my opinion but it could be because we have never had a muslim, women, jew, or any other type of president but a Christian can answer much about that. We are a product of habit much of the time. We feel a sense of security with it and we feel unsecure when there is change. Hilary and Obama represent a change that many Americans are not ready for nor will they admit it to others.

It's upsetting to think that we fucus on those things such as religion but it is the reality. I personally am on the conservative republican end so I'm not thrilled with either of them but McCain is an absolute no no in my book. I'm at a loss on who to vote for:-((

Anonymous said...

On 60 Minutes last week a "good old boy" from Ohio said he probably wouldn't vote for Obama because he had heard that Obama didn't know the words to the National Anthem and wanted to use "his holy book" to be sworn in IF he was elected.

Steve Croft asked him if he knew that both of those rumors were false, (he didn't) and then went on to say that it was offensive to Muslims that Obama was being "smeared" by being called a "Muslim" because that implies that being a Muslim makes you undesirable.

I do think the religion of a candidate is important. I have a Mormon senator who has openly admitted that he has to vote HIS conscious, not the will of the people who elected him. And knowing that the Mormon leadership has been known to direct their members on who to vote for, and how to vote on ballot measures, this concerns me. I want to be represented by my leaders!

The Muslim communities fear of Senator Lieberman as Vice President (because he is JEWISH) helped elect Crusader George Bush.

That election was the first time Muslim organizations in the US gave a recommendation on who to vote for, and their choice? George Bush. We can all see how that turned out...

So while Republicans may have "conservative family values" they are the party that is most likely to bring us theocracy and even more facism than we already have.

As they say, when facism comes to the US it will be carrying a cross and wrapped in a flag, and I can already hear "Onward Christian Soldiers" being hummed by the Republicans.

And never forget John McCain's statement in his Reader's Digest article about making Israel a role model for all the middle east. He believes that their formula for dealing with "insurrgents" is the one that will solve all our problems in Iraq. Great!!!!

Anonymous said...

Let me just add to the last post that McCain is in no way a representation of a conservative Christian and in no way is he considered a conservative republican.

Many who are conservative Christians are stumped at McCain being the republican and are even more confused on who they will vote for this election.

Hicham said...

Indeed; being Muslim is not bad however when it came to the political role of the U.S.A. things are totally different.

I'm not merely talking about the wrong stereotyped image people perceive about Islam/Muslims but mainly about the "War on Terrorism". said...

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