Saturday, July 14, 2007

Torn Between Two Countries

I am making my best effort to keep in touch with my friends who are traveling abroad this summer. Between exchanging emails and IM as best I can because my pc is not working properly, I have come to the conclusion that those of us who consider more than one country as our home, experience the same feelings.

For whatever reason we moved to Egypt - and for the most part we enjoy it here - taking into consideration all of the frustrations -- believe me there are many. But foreigners all agree, the best part of Egypt is its people Egyptians and ex-pats (ok, good and bad, but overall if you find friends here, you are very lucky).

Secondly, we feel as though we want to be in the US (or whatever country one would consider home) for its conveniences (too many to mention), family and friends we have there. But after being in the US for a short while, ok, let's say 3 weeks, we come to find out that the same problems exist only on a different level.

I really don't want to get into specifics here but overall, we are torn between living in Egypt and the US.

Yes life is simpler in Egypt -- ok too simple sometimes -- you know, like finding a place to tie your camel or having your donkey pull your groceries for you without them falling off the bed of the wagon, but once those simple issues are resolved, you can enjoy time with your friends. Just make sure your animals are well fed.




Nina said...

I have been reading your blog for quite some time now and feel with you . Didn't you think of going with Hasan to the US during the summer vacation and coming back to Cairo when the schools start again?
Take care

Anonymous said...

Marian -

My heart and prayers go out to you. Take care!


Layla said...

Marian - I hope you are having a wonderful summer. I totally agree with you that if you find a good friend in Egypt, you are lucky. :) I know I am very lucky.

True, US has its conveniences. Drive Thru...everything lol, everything done online (bills, ordering food), etc. Family and friends close by. For me, I have very little family and not close friends here so I could go back to Egypt in a heartbeat.

I feel like I am caught between 2 worlds a lot. I get caught up in all the "American" things here, but still hunger for something more. I get that "more" when I go back to Egypt. A sense of what family really is, knowing what is most important in life, etc. I know who I am more in Egypt than in the USA. I feel more at home there and to be honest, I am happier there. Yes, you do have issues there, but comparing them to here, its pretty small issues.

Marian, I applaud you for being there alone for long periods of time. Especially with raising Mira by yourself. You really give me hope that I can do the same thing for Zane.

Love and Hugs!

karen jenners said...

When I married Jim and moved from all that I knew and moved to MD, it was a major adjustment... I know how hard it was for you to move to Egypt and I want you to know that I am proud of you for YOUR accomplishments.... you are a wonderful person and are a wonderful wife and mother. I have never felt torn between two countries so I can only imagine how you are feeling...I know that you are a wonderful friend and that I cannot imagine my life without you in it... I know you and Hassan are straddling the fence with US/Egypt, but anything you decide is great for me, and I know the best for you. My prayers are with you and I send you my hugs... (like the one you got when you were leaving) and you know I am here for you whenever. I miss you very much and I will support any and all decisions you make, cause I know your heart is in it and you prayed and meditated about the decision before you made it.You will always have a "sister" in me... karen

Marian said...

Nina- Thanks for your comment. I thought about joining Hassan in the US over the summer, but 1) tickets are not available, and 2) if they were available they would be too expensive. We are trying to save our money.

Laura - Thanks for reading the blog. I hope you are ok.

Layla - I am keeping myself busy this summer, finally, and now am seriously thinking of NOT returning to school. I think of your experiences when you worked in Alex and how much you liked staying home. It was your blog that actually gave me the idea for this entry because of your current situation. You are an inspiration to me to keep going. You have such an inner strength that I wish I could have. About Mira, it is not easy sometimes raising her on my own, but I need to pull out my cahunas every once in awhile and let them clang. I can't believe you can't hear them in western PA! Love.

Karen - You gave me new insight with your comment. When I think of what you did -- you moved, married Jim, and had Luke all in 1 year, to a new area you were never in before, you showed a lot of courage and most of all a lot of faith. Your personality is more outgoing than mine, and by your example, you give me strength to go on in this crazy world.

I do love living in Egypt; it is different, better in some ways and worse in some ways than the US, but overall, it is a life experience I wouldn't trade for anything. And besides, Mira's having a blast. We are real sisters. We've shared so much throughout our friendship. I hope it never ends.