Friday, June 15, 2007

Mira's small success

What seems like a small success usually isn't one at all. Mira would not sleep over at Jasmine's for whatever reason, no matter how hard I tried. Even Sara - for some reason she wouldn't sleep over. I didn't push it, just made her feel comfortable knowing that if she wanted to come home at any time, she was to call me and I'd be there to pick her up - no matter what time of the night.

Mira has a friend at school named Gretelin. Gretelin is from Estonia and is a wonderful, smart, bright, girl in Mira's class. Gretelin invited Mira over to her house after school yesterday. Mira went and said "Mom, I might spend the night." She said it with such energy, it was as though she was just charged.

I said fine because I know Gretelin's mother, she was a teacher in our school. Mira calls last night and said "I want to sleep over. OK?" I told her that she could but needed to be sure to let me know if she wanted to come home.

Well -- IT HAPPENED!! Mira actually spent the night away without me for the first time in her life. I'm so happy for her and quite relieved.

In the meantime Hassan drove to Alexandria last night with Aunt Fawzayya and is waiting for us to arrive today. What I was hoping for was some quiet time with Hassan, but what I got instead was some quiet time alone. That's ok - I'll take it - the small successes are often the most gratifying.




Anonymous said...

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Layla said...

Marian - I think it is a success :) YEAH MIRA!!! :) I am so happy for her.

Hey, I would take the quite time to myself too :) So what did you do with all that free time?!? And how is your quilting coming along? I came across this blog that might be of some interest to you. She is a expat in Cairo who makes quilts! Her blog is called Postcards From Cairo:

Miss you all very much!!!

Love and Hugs!!

Cairogal said...

Yay, Mira!!!!

Nora said...


I am so happy for both of you!

Hope you enjoyed your free time. I also hope you had time to make your decision about where you'll be next year...
Please get out!!!

Love you!