Friday, April 06, 2007

Pick-up Egyptian style

I was at the pool last week with my one friend "D". We were sitting on the chaise lounges, and I was not feeling particularly pretty. I was wearing my new jeans which are now very baggy and a jean jacket. D was sitting next to me. She doesn't wear hijab, but she is a Muslim. She has blonde hair and blue eyes and I think men are automatically attracted to her.

A man comes up next to me and asks me in Arabic if anyone is using the chaise. I said no. He sits down and gets himself ready to swim. I wasn't looking believe me. He gets up and goes swimming. D and I continued to talk to eachother. Later on the man comes out of the pool and sits down in the chaise next to me. The seat wasn't close to me, but it was the next one over from mine.

This is where it gets interesting.

Man: Are you visiting or do you live here?

Me: I live here.

Man: Do you rent or do you own?

Me: I own.

Man: Are you married?

Me: Yes. (I guess my wedding ring didn't give him a clue)

Man: Your husband, is Egyptian?

Me: Yes.

Man: Is he here?

Me: No, he is currently working in the US. BUT HE'LL BE BACK SOON. (don't really know, but went for it because I knew where this was heading)

Man: Is he a doctor or engineer?

Me: Engineer.

Man: Are you going to be married forever?

Me: Insha'Allah. (what else could be said at this point)

Man: I'm Professor (whatever) a professor at Ain Shams.

Me: Nice to meet you.

Man: Good bye.

Me: Good bye.

He gets up and walks away. Thank God. D asked if I was interested in a professor. I said "If I was, it wouldn't be that one." He was short, maybe my height, rather round and bald.

Then D grabs my hand and says "Ooh, rub whatever you have off on me. I want it. Men are very attracted to you." I said "You can have it." I told D that I think she is so much prettier than me and I don't understand why men talk to me like they do. D says it's my non-Egyptian look while wearing hijab. I told her I put on hijab to be anonymous, not to be more noticed. It backfired.




Cairogal said...

I told you, Marian, that hijab makes you the best of both worlds in the eyes of some Egyptian men! ;-) Maybe he thought you'd consider a second husband. :))))

Marian said...

Why oh why?! You know, some Egyptian men are fresh to begin with. Sometimes I understand why women wear niquab -- although I never would. Oh well . . .

Nora said...

if you ever become one of those tent wearing women I will fear you!!! ;o)
Well, the guy was trying to pick you up because you are a "mozza"!
And I think you are definately hotter than "D"...
But she did manage to get "one of the best dressed men I have ever seen"!!

Marian said...

Nora - You're too much! You make me laugh my ass off. Don't worry - I will never be a tent-wearer; you can be sure of that.

karen said...

I have told you for years that you are beautiful... now do you believe me? The inside is reflected on the outside... xoxo Karen