Friday, April 27, 2007

Hassan is coming back to Egypt -- at least for a little while

Yes, well it's official. Hassan is making his way back to Egypt on May 28, Insha'Allah. It has been six months since he's been gone and though I miss him terribly I am grateful I had the opportunity to see how I could manage on my own.

But it wasn't all on my own. I have my real friends to thank for helping me along the way. I realized who my true friends are in school and outside of school. I even managed to make a few new friends along the way.

I gained my independence back, though it has taken me two years to do so. For the first time since I moved here, I am finally comfortable venturing out on my own, or with a friend or two. Friends who don't use me, friends who listen to me when I cry and complain, and friends who motivate me to keep on keepin' on.

I am still frustrated at not being able to communicate in Arabic, but I have found out that if I just use a few of the words I know, I am treated as though I belong here. Some experiences have been better than others, but overall it has been a very positive experience.

In terms of parenting on my own, I didn't do it all by myself. I have dear friends who have helped me carry the load and empathize with my situation -- Princess N for sure. Paul, Barbara and their children have been an absolute blessing in giving me some time off from parenting, as well as Amy, and Lisa. There are those who gave me words of encouragement and support throughout this time and I am grateful. Thank you all for your help and I cherish you in my heart.

I don't know how long Hassan will be back because he's not sure himself. I just hope that the time we spend together will make up for the time we spent apart.




Cairogal said...

Congrats, Marian!!!!!!!!!! Soon enough, whether he's there or not, you'll be finding your way around town w/o any concern. It does take time...I started by learning enough arabic to get in the taxi and find my way to my location (which, whenever possible, I mapped out an idea of how to get to my destination). If I was going somewhere cross town and didn't know my way, I would call my friend who was waiting and have her talk to the driver in Arabic about where he was going...that's what scary about taxis in Egypt: they rarely know where they are going themselves and when they ask for directions, no one ever says, "I don't know."

Nora said...

that is sweet of you. Thanks!
I honestly think that you do kick ass... and you are succeeding with flying colors.
You are doing something so few people can do well... and you are doing it better than most people I know.
I am more than willing to help with anything you need! Just tell me what Beautiful Princess Marian!!